Freescale unveils 450W RF power transistor for UHF broadcast applications

Freescale Semiconductor has introduced a 50V laterally diffused MOS (LDMOS) RF power transistor designed to deliver 50 percent higher output power than other UHF TV broadcast solutions.

The MRF6VP3450H device offers high output power for UHF applications while enabling system-level power reductions that can potentially save broadcasters thousands of dollars in operating costs. The MRF6VP3450H delivers more than 450W peak power at P1dB with 50 percent efficiency throughout the UHF broadcast frequency band.

The MRF6VP3450H is designed for TV transmitters employing both analog and digital modulation formats. The MRF6VP3450H can help reduce the cost of the power consumed by RF power amplifiers by converting a greater percentage of the required AC input power into RF output power. Ultimately, this efficiency reduces the energy usage required by the transmitter.

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