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Fox Sports Updates Fox Sports Go App

NEW YORK—Fox Sports says its Go app has just received its first major update since launching last October.

Fox Sports Go version 2.0 features a redesigned user interface as well as personalized program reminders and new settings to control video playback over WiFi. In addition, the iPad version of Fox Sports Go version 2.0 allows users to browse the program schedule up to seven days in advance while watching video.

Barely four months after making its debut, Fox Sports Go became the first app to live stream the Super Bowl, setting a record for the most-viewed live stream ever for a single sports event, with an average audience of 528,000 viewers per minute (Super Bowl XLVIII, Seahawks vs. Broncos).

Later this year, Fox Sports Go will offer the Major League Baseball All-Star Game, the National League Division Series, the National League Championship Series, and the World Series—the first time all these events will be streamed live.