Fox News Utilizes Quicklink Skype TX

SWANSEA, WALES – As the race for the 2016 Presidential Election gets underway, Fox News channel is using the Quicklink Skype TX on “Fox with Friends” to discuss the latest in the polls with experts like former George H.W. Bush Chief of Staff John Sununu.

Quicklink Skype TX

The Quicklink Skype TX is a touchscreen 1U rack mount or desktop unit that provides professional reception or transmission of Skype calls through the SDI/HDMI interface. Designed to be ultra-quiet, the Quicklink Skype TX enables news broadcasts to be transmitted with minimal noise interference. Fox News uses it to transmit two-way video and audio from a remote office location back to a setup in its TV station.

A new feature of the Quicklink Skype TX is the Bondio network enhancer. Bondio improves the contributor’s bandwidth by bonding a combination of internet connections together to create one super connection. This allows for the Quicklink Skype TX to be used even in areas with less than ideal network connections. Quicklink is offering the Bondio free of charge for a limited period with the purchase of the Quicklink Skype TX.

Quicklink, based in Wales, is a provider of broadcast technologies for news, sports, entertainment and corporate media.