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Fostex ships AR-4i audio interface for iPhone4

Fostex is now shipping its new AR-4i Audio Interface for iPhone4. Featuring two removable cardioid plug-in microphones that swivel for placement and can be mounted vertically or horizontally, the AR-4i is designed to provide professional stereo audio recording for videos taken using the iPhone4. Its clever industrial design serves as an ergonomic cradle for the iPhone4, and includes mounting hardware for a tripod or other professional camera mount devices.

The AR-4i comes with two high quality plug-in microphones, and its on-board stereo A-to-D converter dramatically improves the captured audio, thereby increasing the professionalism of videos for streaming, live performance videos, home videos, or even ENG applications. The microphones can be mounted horizontally or vertically for added flexibility of deployment. In addition, an LED Level Meter is provided for input level monitoring, and a headphone jack facilitates monitoring of the stereo input. Recording input levels and EQ can be further adjusted using the AR-4i’s dedicated iPhone App.

The Fostex AR-4i is now available.