FOR-A to show new products at Broadcast Video Expo

FOR-A will be showing new multiformat broadcast TV production products at the Broadcast Video Expo in London, February 2009. New products include the FVW-500HD video writer and the MBP-100SX baseband converter.

The FVW-500HS video writer has a Telestrator that responds to a finger’s touch, so users can draw and point with a finger through an optional touch panel over HD/SD-SDI video in real-time. It has preprogrammed graphic shapes for ease of use but can also process line and free-hand drawings. The video writer creates an array of lines that vary in color, edge width and thickness.

The MBP-100SX baseband converter, a part of FOR-A’s MediaConcierge media management system, offers two-way conversion between MXF (XDCAM) files and HD/SD-SDI with up to eight embedded audio channels.

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