For-A Rolls Out FVW-700 4K/HD Telestrator

CYPRESS, CALIF.—The release of For-A’s FVW-700 4K/HD telestrator is now official, as the company has announced it has shipped the product out to its first batch of customers. What these customers are getting is a full-feature telestrator that features a touch-screen computer monitor or wirelessly connected tablet to annotate and draw on video.

The FVW-700 is able to allow multiple users to control the system simultaneously. It offers advanced algorithms for smoother telestration, including automatic freehand formation with noise reduction, which allows smooth objects to be shaped and sharp angles to be achieved. Advanced edge joining and a chroma keyer is also featured. The unit has a wireless tablet option.

For-A is offering the FVW-700 in four models to fit specific needs, including 4K, HDMI, Thunderbolt 2 and all-in-one models.