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Florical to bring new products for asset management, remote operation to NAB

Florical will launch four new products at NAB2009, including a new look for AirBoss.

RemoteEditor is an optional module within S.M.A.R.T. Central to access to current and future schedules for viewing or editing.

The InventoryBrowser module enables the browsing of the database and viewing low-resolution copies of the inventory. The tool is well-suited for traffic or sales during election season or to answer questions from clients from their desktop.

AssetDispatcher is a transfer agent that uses spoke dub-lists and programming settings to push commercials and programs from a centralized ingest location to spoke sites after material has been approved.

RemoteAirBoss allows access to monitor or control on-air from any workstation within the Florical network. RemoteAirBoss can be used to control a single channel or can simplify centralization of master control, allowing dynamic selection of a "hub" location based on unique workflow needs or as the workload changes.