Florical Systems FanChat builds local social networks based on TV viewer interests

At NAB2008, Florical Systems unveiled FanChat, an instant messaging-styled chat agent that gives local broadcasters the ability to generate revenue through social networking.

FanChat, which ties into Florical’s AirBoss, allows users to subscribe to chat rooms based on station programming, such as news, sports and prime-time entertainment. Before a show starts, the agent prompts the user to connect. At that point, the user enters an exclusive room with other local users that are connected through the local station. Once connected in the same room, local viewers using FanChat can socially network with other viewers in the station’s market.

FanChat features Web banners above the chat room that provide revenue to the local station when the user clicks the ads. The online banner ads can be set to change based on on-air commercial breaks including links for local commercials during.

For more information, visit http://www.florical.com/FanChat.html.