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Florical Demonstrates Complete PSIP Workflow

At the NAB Show, Florical Systems demonstrated a complete PSIP workflow with leading vendors—DTV Innovations for PSIP generators, and TitanTV, for program management TV listing services—to help broadcasters meet impending FCC PSIP requirements regarding accurate program information.

The solution, Florical AirGuide, provides accurate start times and last-minute changes to both PSIP Pro and MediaStar using the ATSC Programming Metadata Communication Protocol.

The demo, involving a program going overtime and its effect on electronic program guide data, took place at the ATSC DTC Hot Spot at the show with synchronized event data between MediaStar, PSIP Pro and AirGuide. The EPG data was visible on both an ATSC receiver and on the Web equivalent produced by TitanTV Guide.

This implementation of PMCP has been enhanced through the use of the station’s generated house names for programs to provide a strong linkage ensuring that EPG data generated by PSIP Pro—merging PSIP data from MediaStar and AirGuide—is as accurate as possible.