Fairview Microwave Releases FMSW2026 Switch

ALLEN, TEXAS—Fairview Microwave has a new single pole double throw PIN diode adsorptive switch available for consumers, the FMSW2026. The new switch covers frequencies from 100 MHz to 67 GHz and is available in a coaxial package.

The FMSW2026 features broadband performance characteristics that include maximum input power handling of 0.5 watts, insertion loss of 6 dB typical, 10.5 dB maximum, and isolation of 65 dB typical, 40 dB minimum. J1 and J2 ports are terminated in 50 ohms when switched in the isolation state to absorb higher frequency signal reflections. TTL compatible driver logic circuitry is included for accurate switching control.

The design of the FMSW2026 is gold plated and has interface connections that include 1.85 female connectors for mm-wave transmission, solder terminals for DC voltages, and an SMA female connector for TTL logic control.

Fairview has the FMSW2026 in stock and available for shipping.