Eyeheight to feature logo and ticker generator at InterBEE2009

At InterBEE2009 in Tokyo Nov. 18-20, Eyeheight will make the Asian market debut of the CW-2M HD/SD logo and ticker generator with integral keyer.

The unit allows animated and static graphics as well as a line of crawling text to be added to any part of a television image. An integral dual-channel logo inserter can be used to impose a background image or strap over live video. Text can be inserted into the strap with a separate logo.

A crosspoint keyer within the CW-2M allows sources to be assigned to any of four layers. Individual and mixed fonts may be loaded into the CW-2M while on-air. Fully compatible with 1080i/1080p/720p HD or 575i/480i SD, the CW-2M works with SD-SDI and HD-SDI sources. An identical SD-HDI only version, the CW-2S, is also available.