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Eyeheight announces range of compact legalizers

Eyeheight has introduced three additions to its range of modular broadcast and post-production equipment. The LE-2nM, LE-2nS and LE-2nU are fully-featured, single-card legalizers housed in a rackmountable or free-standing half-rack-width 1U chassis with external mains power supply.

An integrated multidefinition RGB and composite legalizer, the LE-2nM is designed for use in post-production and quality-assurance. It conforms to all commonly-used guidelines for legalization of common TV and film formats. Legalization, including luminance ring suppression, can be performed in composite, YUV or RGB color space or in RGB-plus-composite domain. Independent outputs of the legalized signal and legal/indicate monitor-display are provided. Also included on monitoring output is a severity display mode.

The LE-2nM is supplied as a fully operational system for control via a Java software panel which can run on any Java-equipped PC or Mac platform. User controls include three safe-area cursor generators with configurable cursor color, transparency and cursor type, as well as specialist functions for text height and aspect ratio measurement. Six user memories are incorporated in addition to preset EBU-R 2003 standard SDI legalization and 7.5 IRE or 0 IRE Pedestal. The user memories can be be accessed via two GPI inputs.

A Microsoft .NET platform application is included for configuration of custom cursors. Additional features include adjustable clipping levels, including soft-clipping knee; luma and chroma gain; black level; and hue rotation. In addition to its role as a legalizer, the LE-2nM can be used as a blanking generator. Full 10-bit processing is employed throughout. Like all Eyeheight multidefinition products, the LE-2nM is compatible with the 18 video standards currently in use across 525/625 SD, as well as 720p, 1080p and 1080i HD.

And finally, the LE-2nU is an SD version and has essentially the same features plus the capability of 1080p dual link operation.