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Eyeheight Adds Color Correction

Eyeheight has created the CC-2 color correction system for its geNETics family of infrastructure products, set to debut at NAB 2003.

Designed to provide individual control and R, G and B gain, lift and gamma, Eyeheight says that an integral legalizer ensures that the resultant picture complies with normal broadcast signal specifications. The CC-2 has a safe area generator, which can be set to display safe action and safe title cursors for all standard aspect ratios. Input is via 270 Mb/s SDI feeding and 10-bit internal processor with three 270 Mb/s SDI outputs (loopthrough, main and indicate).

Up to six CC-2 modules can fit in an Eyeheight FB-9 1U Flexi-Box chassis for operation via an FP-9 local control panel, FP-10 desk-mounting control panel or Touch-Eazy touchscreen genetics system controller. A CC-2 can also be housed in a freestanding MB-9 desktop unit.

"[The CC-2] allows origination, post production and playout staff to correct defects in color balance quickly and easily without risk of generating out-of-gamut signals," says Martin Moore, Eyeheight managing director.