Extron introduces new eight-port fiber optic audio extractor

Extron Electronics recently introduced the FOX AEX 108, an eight-port fiber-optic audio extractor for independent processing and routing of audio signals in a fiber-optic AV distribution system. Each port accepts signals from a FOX Series transmitter to extract a dual-channel analog audio signal for processing, and then re-transmits the original signal to a FOX Series receiver. To simplify integration with mixers, DSP devices and audio amplifiers, the extractor provides both balanced and unbalanced stereo.

Buffered loop-throughs feature output reclocking and full transmitter power levels to ensure signal integrity. Available in multimode and single-mode models, the extractor can be used in FOX Matrix system applications that require extraction of audio signals for local processing and independent distribution.

The FOX AEX 108 is part of the larger, expansive FOX Series of fiber-optic products from Extron. It is compatible with FOX Series matrix switchers; switchers; distribution amplifiers; and HDMI, DVI, VGA, VGA/YUV, and AV transmitters and receivers. Housed in a compact 1U, 1/2RU-width metal enclosure, it is designed to provide convenient access for audio signal processing and routing from an equipment room.