EVS' UltraMotion replay capabilities support Photron FASTCAM systems

EVS announced that its XT[2]+ MulticamLSM system now allows a full control of the Photron FASTCAM high-speed cameras for live slow ultramotion replays.

The new integrated solution will provide Photron high-speed digital imaging systems with extended instant ultramotion replay capabilities for live broadcast operations.

EVS is continuing to expand its live systems capabilities with the recent release of its Multicam 10.3 software package. The new software will give XT[2]+ LSM full control over the Photron FASTCAM systems for instant ultramotion replay in all live broadcast productions.

EVS XT[2]+ is the next generation of XT series servers, introduced in early 2010 along with a range of multipurpose controllers for live and near-live production. The LSM remote controller is currently used by more than 6000 certified operators worldwide for live broadcast operations such as slow-mo, super slow-mo replays, clip creation and live editing.

This new development means that XT2+-LSM will manage the FASTCAM video signal input through one of its server channels, which in turn can be controlled by the LSM remote for instant replays.

Photron is a developer and manufacturer of high-speed digital imaging products. Its FASTCAM high-speed camera systems can record split-second phenomena at high frame rates and then replay the event as a super-slow-motion movie.