Evertz offers new remote control panel

The Evertz Microsystems’ CP-2200E is an advanced panel that lets users create a simple interface to their entire system and facilitate real-time control over signals, displays and their router destinations.

The CP-2200E is the flagship panel of Evertz’s advanced control systems, allowing control of automated tie lines and pathfinding, as well as advanced breakaway routing while still supporting basic routing concepts like levels and categories.

The remote control unit features two high-resolution color LCD displays alongside an array of fully programmable dynamic LCD buttons. The two LCD displays intelligently interact with the panel’s buttons and rotary controls, updating automatically as different operation facilities are selected.

Each of the 12 LCD buttons is capable of displaying a multiple character text string or a graphical image. They can also be configured with a menu structure, which allows quick navigation through the systems. When a menu button is pressed some or all of the buttons change their function and legend.

The CP-2200E panel incorporates advanced control of all of Evertz’s SNMP-enabled devices. Devices or certain controls of devices can be grouped and/or ganged together. This allows simple but powerful interfaces to be built to control parameters and recall presets as well as integrate with router systems for SNMP equipment in your facility.

The CP-2200E also enables users to have real-time control over an MVP or VIP system. In addition, users can get graphical visualizations of layouts prior to loading them, control what signal is routed to what multiviewer window and select an audio to be monitored.

For more information, visit www.evertz.com.