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Eutelsat Satellite Finder makes pointing antenna at satellites easier

Eutelsat Communications has launched Eutelsat Satellite Finder — an easy-to-use tool for accurate pointing of satellite antennas for consumers, installers and VSAT operators, as well as news agencies, broadcasters and service operators carrying out newsgathering operations.

The new application — available on iOS and Android-driven devices — is available for all Eutelsat satellites.

Eutelsat Satellite Finder assembles a full set of basic parameters for exact antenna pointing, from elevation and azimuth angles to line of sight and optimal polarization angles. For smartphones and tablets not equipped with a GPS module, locations can be determined via Google Maps for automatic identification of longitude and latitude needed for precise calculations of azimuth and elevation angles.

Using augmented reality, the app shows a given location with a general pointing direction while the tilt sensors of smartphones and tablets guide users toward the exact alignment. It is available free of charge at iTunes and Google Play, tagged as Eutelsat Satellite Finder.