Europe’s lottery HQ adds two more Studer Vista 8 consoles

La Française D’Images, the TV production division of La Française des Jeux, has completed the installation of two new Studer Vista 8 digital audio production consoles at its Paris studios, building on the success of its first 52-channel Vista 8 that was commissioned a year ago. La Française des Jeux, a state-controlled organization, is responsible for TV game shows such as the French National Lottery draws and the European lottery, Euro Millions, now played in nine countries. With payouts of up to 185 million Euros, levels of security and confidentiality are extremely high. To this end, two of the three studios at La Française D’Images are kept exclusively for the lottery draws, housing carefully calibrated equipment that is rarely moved.

The 400sq ft Studio 2 houses a virtual reality (VR) set. This permanent blue-screen environment was the scene of the first VR on-air lottery draw anywhere in Europe, but VR brings its own challenge for audio operators, requiring about 200 milliseconds of audio delay to allow time for picture processing. Engineers are able to use the in-built delays on every channel of the Vista 8 to solve the problem.

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