Europe’s Arqiva manages channels with Miranda master control

Arqiva, a U.K.-based provider of transmission services for broadcasters, has installed one of the largest Miranda master control and channel branding systems in Europe at its Media Centre in Buckinghamshire.

The Miranda system will enable Arqiva to deliver branding graphics across its channels, and provide complete flexibility control. The installation comprises 35 Imagestore master control switching and channel branding processors as well as 10 Imagestore Intuition advanced channel branding co-processors.

The new system gives Arqiva's customers the flexibility to use different levels of graphics, depending on the type of channel being aired. The graphics capabilities range from simple bug insertion to the most complex, multilayered TV graphics, using the breadth of Imagestore Intuitions' features, including crawls, rolls, dynamic text layers and animated graphics.

Arqiva has also installed Miranda graphics systems at a separate graphics suite, located in its Central London Media Centre. This service offers its customers a safe, off-line environment for developing and experimenting with on-air graphics, templates and transitions, as well as ensuring that live data sources can be linked up to the automation process correctly before going live.

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