Euphonix celebrates 20 years

Euphonix, maker of large-format mixing consoles and control surfaces, is celebrating its 20th anniversary year. Named for a combination of the words “euphony” (meaning a pleasant or sweet sound) and “mix,” the company was founded in a Silicon Valley garage in 1988.

Euphonix debuted its first digitally controlled analog console, the Crescendo, at the 1990 AES show in Los Angeles. Nine years later, Euphonix introduced the System 5, the first 24/96K large-format digital console, at the 1999 AES show in New York. Today, Euphonix designs and sells a complete array of digital products for film, broadcast, music and post-production facilities worldwide.

The company’s current product line ranges from the System 5-F dual operator film-mixing systems to Media Application Controllers for DAWs. Another significant Euphonix milestone was the creation of EuCon, a high-speed Ethernet protocol that enables seamless network control of multiple workstations. The firm’s latest offering is the Artist Series, a line of slimline, full-featured DAW controllers designed for the personal studios and introduced at the NAMM convention in Anaheim.

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