ETSI approves Digital Multimedia Broadcasting standards

DMB has its roots in DAB, the technology that is taking radio digital around the world
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The European Telecommunications Standard Institute (ETSI) has approved the Digital Multimedia Broadcasting (DMB) standards for the delivery of multimedia content to mobile devices.

DMB has its roots in DAB. DMB is designed to broadcast television and video to mobile handsets, in parallel with existing DAB services. Both audio and data can be integrated where a DAB infrastructure already exists. A DAB network is already available to 80 percent of Europe and there are more than 800 DAB services reaching 475 million people in 40 countries around the world.

The DMB standard is one of the applications made possible by using DAB as a transport medium for audio, video and multimedia streaming. WorldDAB is also working towards developing further standards based on this DAB capability via IP-based solutions.

DAB has evolved from being a digital replacement of analog radio to a full-fledged multi-service, multimedia broadcast system incorporating recent audio and video coding technologies. DAB networks will be able to serve any kind of receiver in any reception environment with any type of distributive content and service.

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