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Envivio On Demand extends home broadcast, IPTV content to smartphones, PCs

Envivio On Demand enables operators to turn subscriber video into on-demand content that can be served up to mobile and PC screens for later viewing. The system has already been deployed by some carriers, according to the company.

Deployed entirely in the operator’s network, Envivio On Demand requires no customer-premises equipment, letting operators invest incrementally in network capacity only as needed to match increased subscriber uptake.

When users requests recordings, the requests go to the Envivio On Demand system at the operator's headend for simultaneous multiprofile transcoding. The content is available right after the recording, for viewing or download, even at the same time it downloads to user devices.

Envivio’s new 4Balancer automated load-balancing tool optimizes resources to ensure seamless, uninterrupted encoding and transcoding. The Envivio 4Manager provides high-level service supervision for full equipment control and monitoring. Content is prepared by the Envivio 4Caster C4 encoder/transcoder, which supports H.263, MPEG4-SP and VC-1 codecs, as well as Envivio’s H.264 Elite and Extreme codecs.

This variety combines with support for a wide range of network protocols, allowing video streams to be optimized for the full range of portable devices and provide the best viewing experience on any device. Envivio On Demand supports encryption for Windows Media, Silverlight and iPhone to protect premium content regardless of end device.