Ensemble Designs unveils HD/SD logo inserter

Ensemble Designs introduced the Model 7420 HD/SD logo inserter for its Avenue modular signal integration system at NAB2007.

The 7420 is a dual rate logo inserter that can accept an SD or HD video input and key still logos and animations over program material. Alternately, the 7420 can supply separate fill and key outputs to a production switcher.

The 7490 series submodule options for the 7420 provide HD up/down/crossconversion, as well as aspect ratio conversion. With the 7490 installed, the 7420 will accommodate whatever input is provided — SD-SDI or HD-SDI. After setting the output standard, the input will be converted to the correct standard, logos and animations will be keyed, and the program out will be in the correct facility standard.

Included with the 7420 module is the Avenue Logo authoring environment, which allows the import of graphics, animations and sound files.

For more information, visit www.ensembledesigns.com.