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A new ENG suitcase was recently introduced by Superior Access Solutions of Burnsville, MN. The case includes all the core components of a full Deep Packet Recovery (DPR) system in an easy to transport, simple to set up system. The case includes the DPR "Brick," a standards-compliant H.264 encoder, bidirectional audio system, hardware decoder, Ethernet switch with QoS, encrypted tunneling hardware and convenient user connection points. When the case is paired with the mating hardware at the "studio" end, it allows the user to rapidly deploy a full featured audio/video system utilizing low-cost Internet such as DSL, cable or 4G modems. Encoders are available supporting SD-SDI, HD-SDI, ASI, composite, TSoIP and HDMI inputs.

The DPR system enables encrypted tunneling and auto-homing to the studio eliminating IT connectivity and VPN issues. The user simply connects to the Internet and the DPR automatically establishes the protected connection, then sounds the network for speed (throughput), jitter and latency. From these results, the encoder and network protection parameters are set.