ENENSYS Technologies highlights TransCaster mobile TV statistical multiplexing

ENENSYS Technologies is demonstrating its TransCaster statistical multiplexing for mobile TV at NAB2008.

TransCaster statistical multiplexing is designed to simplify and reduce the cost of mobile TV deployment by increasing the number of H.264 TV channels that operators can transport into one mobile TV transponder.

With efficient IP-based control used to synchronize a pool of TransCaster channels, operators can now increase the number of mobile TV channels without degrading video quality.

Statistical multiplexing is the key feature to maximize the quality in a complete mobile TV head-end. By using variable bit rate control for each transcoder in a pool, operators can ensure that bit budget allocation is performed in real time, taking into account complete headend status and ensuring maximum video quality across transcoders.

See ENENSYS Technologies in NAB booth SU11111, or visit http://www.enensys.com/en/mobile_tv_transcoder/transcaster-2.html.