Elgato iPad 2 freeview tuner launches

The iPad 2's dock connector is home to many accessories, including a new compact mobile TV tuner. Elgato's new EyeTV Mobile is a freeview tuner add-on that brings mobile entertainment to iOS. The tuner is compact and features a miniature telescoping antenna. Users can get started by downloading the free EyeTV app in Apple's iTunes store. The unit will launch first in the UK at the end of September after making its debut at the IFA Consumer Electronics Fair in Berlin.

The tuner picks up OTA broadcasts and can also record them to the iPad's internal memory. You can record live TV, rewind and pause. The software and system does not use your data plan, as shows are viewed and captured over the air. The current version does supports MPEG-2 SD, so HD broadcasts to view and save are not an option for now. But the SD broadcasts will fit in well with the iPad's 4:3 screen ratio. The unit does support DVB-T transmissions, and the app will be updated going forward with new features. The company will monitor acceptance and look towards adding advanced features in the future.