EEG Rolls Out Lexi Cloud-Hosted Closed Captioning Service

FARMINGDALE, N.Y.—EEG’s is now offering closed captioning service from the cloud, announcing the launch of Lexi. This cloud-hosed service connects existing EEG closed caption workflows with Automatic Speech Recognition technology, including support for on-demand ASR closed caption delivery through EEG products for live and offline material.

Lexi provides real-time transcriptions for live workflows based on audio supplied from any iCap connected devices. For offline or non-live captioning, subscription access to Lexi is built directly into EEG’s Scribe Closed Caption Editor. EEG advertises that the Lexi is capable of delivering more than 90 percent accuracy for English and Spanish, and can be used as part of a hybrid approach, with Lexi data being automatically interspersed with existing captions from a teleprompter system and/or human captioner.

The model supports hardware HD-SDI closed caption encoders from EEG, Falcon streaming encoders, Alta transport stream software, third-party iCap integrations and proxy devices that links other third-party hardware caption encoders to iCap.

EEG will offer the Lexi service in “Solution” and “Emergency” tiers. The Solution Tier provides 24/7 live ASR captioning, while the Emergency Tier offers a few hours of service monthly as a live caption backup for emergencies.