EditShare expands Flow for shared storage asset management

Looking to simplify content and metadata management workflows, EditShare, a provider of collaborative editing and shared media storage systems, announced the availability of its Flow 2.0 software, an asset management solution for media production workflows. There are a number of task-specific modules in the Flow product range.

The new version includes Edit-While-Capture, scanning non-Flow ingested media, bandwidth-controlled file-based ingest of XDCAM and P2 media, support for new codecs, sequence creation and pre-editing with drag and drop into NLEs, and integration with the EditShare backup and archiving solution called Ark.

Flow Ingest supports an extensive range of codecs and wrappers, including Avid MXF and Apple QuickTime formats. Flow’s ability to encode simultaneously in two high-resolution formats and a proxy eliminates the need for background transcoding and proxy generation after capture.

Flow Browse is a cross-platform application that gives users access to all content stored on their EditShare shared storage and Ark systems. With intuitive organizational features, such as Bins and Sequences, assistants or editors can pre-edit material before they even reach the edit bay. Clips and sequences can be dragged from Flow Browse directly into a bin within the NLE, providing a fast and intuitive means of managing large amounts of data.

The new Flow Logger application offers customizable templates with predefined metadata fields that are ideal for productions, such as reality TV and live sporting events. Customized metadata fields, such as names of contestants, sports players, or predefined content to describe actions and story lines, provide an intuitive interface for logging either live feeds or existing media files.

The new Flow Scan application adds media files that have not been captured with Flow Ingest into the Flow database, while also creating low-res proxy files. Within seconds after capturing media with an NLE, users can view and browse the media in Flow Browse.