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DVEO Delivers Reliable IP Streaming for AAT TV

SEATTLE—Asian American Television (AAT TV) is the only 24/7 Asian TV broadcaster in the northwestern United States, offering Asian programming in Mandarin, Cantonese and Vietnamese to approximately 1.5 million TV households in the greater Seattle area.

In 2011, we had to move our transmitter and needed a reliable encoder to transition from analog to IP. Even though streaming video was still in its infancy we purchased a MultiStreamer Analog/IP from DVEO, which still works and is compatible with our newer equipment.


In 2018, we had to switch our transmitter to an adjacent tower site on top of a mountain. Internet from the tower site caused the video to often pixelate. Our station uses a non-fiber connection, so we needed equipment that would smooth out our IP connection and give us a stable picture.

DVEO recommended their patented DOZER ARQ (Automatic Repeat Request) automated packet recovery technology. It fixes UDP packet loss and achieves error-free real-time video transport over any type of IP network. It alleviates jitter and noise, and also protects your content by encrypting all traffic with AES 128.



Another company said we could buy their error correction system and return it if needed. However, DVEO offers free evaluation units so we can test systems first.

Our first generation MultiStreamer is too old to add the DOZER software to it, but it still works fine, so we tried a standalone 7.5-inch wide DOZERbox which is housed at the tower site with the MultiStreamer. The MultiStreamer converts analog to IP and sends it to the DOZERbox, which sends “DOZERized” IP to our station. (We use a DVEO D-Streamer IP/DIG to convert the video to HD-SDI.)

DVEO’s tech support was very helpful. We tested the DOZERbox at different bitrates. For us, two megabits up and down is holding up pretty well. The DOZERbox also fixed the pixelation issues; the end-to-end latency is about two or three seconds, and the video looks great.


We purchased the DOZERbox for nearly half the cost of the other company’s solution. We have being using the DOZERbox for over a year, alongside our hardy MultiStreamer.

We’ve been a DVEO customer for almost 10 years and are very happy with their products and service.

David Cho is the President of Asian American Television, the only 24/7 Multi-Asian Television Broadcaster in the Northwest. He has been in the television industry over 14 years.

For more information, please visitwww.dveo.comor call 858-613-1818.