Durst, Richland Towers ink deal for SFN system at 4 Times Square

The Durst Organization has announced a partnership with Richland Towers to provide a single-frequency network transmission system atop 4 Times Square in New York City.

Richland Towers will be the first to use distributed transmission in New York City. The license agreement is for 15 years, and Richland will sub-license space to local broadcasters.

A distributed transmission system uses multiple transmitters operating on the same frequency transmitting the same signal. The precise time the signal is sent from each transmitter is adjusted to minimize interference to TV receivers in locations receiving signals from more than one of the transmitters. Distributed transmission uses less power and has greater penetration than conventional digital signals as well as offering a superior RF profile at its transmission site.

The 385ft broadcast antenna at 4 Times Square was constructed in 2003 and tops the building out at 1118 feet. The new tower allowed for the displaced World Trade Center broadcasters to find a new home after Sept. 11, 2001. The tower is home to 12 FM radio stations and seven TV stations, and it has the capacity to handle the nine other FM stations as well as all the digital TV stations in the market.