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DTV Marketplace: A winning combination

Audio accessories

Audio analyzer
Audio Precision APx series

The BW52 ultra-high-bandwidth 1MHz FFT option for the APx525 family of audio analyzers delivers bandwidth (DC to 1MHz) and 1 million points; offers 24-bit resolution when measuring out-of-band noise in Class-D amps, sigma-delta converters and other modern audio devices; the v2.5 software update includes custom reporting options, allowing automatic, direct export of APx test and measurement data into customizable Word documents, .wav file analysis (allowing testing of digital recorders, PC sound cards, etc), and the ability to stream Dolby’s TrueHD lossless audio compression format through the APx HDMI option.

Booth: C2023

Audio processor
Dolby DP600 Program Optimizer

Provides a file-based workflow solution for loudness correction, audio creation, conversion and upmixing; version 1.4 software provides support for Dolby Pulse; version 1.5 software supports the LXF file container format (used with Harris/Leitch servers) and the MP4 media container format (used in online applications).

Booth: SU7917

Triamplified DSP monitoring system
Genelec 8260A

Three-way DSP system provides more accurate imaging and improved sound quality on the acoustical axis and off-axis; combine a coaxial driver with modern waveguide technology, ensuring drivers to couple coherently over their full operating bandwidth and creating coincident midfrequency/high-frequency point source; features signal processing responsible for all loudspeaker functions including crossover filters, driver equalizers, driver position alignment, room response alignment, calibration, equalization-related features and distance-compensating delays; housed in a die-cast aluminum Minimum Diffraction Enclosure immune to vibrations.

Booth: C2239

Audio loudness control
Junger Audio Level Magic
The automated audio loudness control system for production and broadcast features new additions that offer an integrated workflow solution for managing Dolby coded 5.1 audio signals in production, ingest and playout; adjusts the level from any source at any time, with no pumping, breathing or distortion; based on a simultaneous combination of an AGC, a transient processor for fast changes and a peak limiter for continuous unattended control of any program material, regardless of its original source.

+49 30 677 7210;
Booth: SU7206

Digital audio processors
Lectrosonics ASPEN

DSP matrix mixers; Ethernet, RS232 and USB offer connection for control; the 1Gb/s port connects units over a single Cat 6 line; feature unlimited input expansion, addressable TCP/IP Ethernet and seamless auto-mixing with PGA; offer a 48-channel mix bus with full output matrixing; include simultaneous multipoint third-party and native control; have ultra-low 1.33 ms near-side latency for real-time audio.

Booth: C1717

Transmission loudness manager
Linear Acoustic AERO.air
Now supports internal Dolby E/Dolby Digital/Dolby Digital Plus decoding as well as insertion of Nielsen audience measurement information; utility confidence decoding of the output signal ensures continuous insertion of audience measurement data and produces GPO alarms to alert station personnel of issues; accepts any Dolby encoded or PCM audio that provides upmixing, loudness control, and audience measurement, and outputs both PCM and Dolby encoding for transmission.

Booth: SU8125

Multichannel level controller
Ward-Beck Systems MLC8

Handles AES, Dolby E, Dolby AC3, analog audio or HD/SD embedded signals; equipped with eight LED bar graph level displays, individual channel and master level control with mute function, level status LED indicators, presets and toggling between 5.1 and stereo listening, and 7.1 and 5.1 to stereo mix-down capability.

Booth: N3425

Modular audio/video monitor
Wohler AMP2-16V

3G/HD/SD-SDI 16-channel audio/video monitor is a new dual 4.3in OLED version of the company’s AMP2-16 series monitor; features Dolby Zoom, which dynamically switches between the standard overview of monitored channels and monitoring of the decoded channels of an available Dolby stream without entering any menus; full trim, pan and routing controls of the Free Mix feature are designed to reduce dependence on mixing consoles.

Booth: N3023

Audio mixers, on-air, portable, studio, playback

Audio Console
Calrec Audio Apollo

Relies on Bluefin2 for processing; at 48kHz, Bluefin2 gives Apollo up to 1020 channel processing paths, 128 program busses, 96 IFB/track outputs and 48 auxiliaries; at 96kHz, Apollo affords 510 channel processing paths, 64 program busses, 48 IFB/track outputs and 24 auxiliaries; features a second dynamics section in each channel, more than 70 minutes of assignable delay and three independent APFL systems for multiple operator use.

+44 1422 841310;
Booth: C1746

Audio automatic gain control decoder
Ensemble Designs LevelTrack

Corrects mismatched audio levels between different program sources or segments within a program, addressing the latest audio compliance requirements for broadcasters; based upon the history in each channel, gradual changes are applied to prevent the audio level from dropping below or exceeding user-programmable thresholds.

Booth: N1929

Compact digital broadcast console
Studer Vista 5
The 32-fader unit consists of 20 channel strips and 12 additional versatile strips for operating output and input channels.; up to 240 channels can be accessed from the desk, and the total I/O capacity may exceed 1700 inputs and outputs, depending on the additional cards and configurations.

Booth: C2619

Digital audio mixer
Lawo V4.8 software

A new interface for the mc² series and the Nova73 HD systems; the new channel display features additional color and textural information for the VCA and link displays; now it is possible to interconnect any number of channels, even with an almost unlimited number of link groups; each link group can be linked with different modules, such as fader, mute or EQ; a color and name can be assigned to each group, which guarantees the ability to differentiate the various link groups in a channel with absolute certainty; each channel can even meter one of the first eight linked channels, comparable to a VCA master.

+49 7222 1002 0;
Booth: C2217

Digital console
Salzbrenner StageTec Mediagroup CRESCENDO

Targets the needs of users in broadcast and live venues; has a depth of 530mm and supports up to 300 audio channels, 128 summing busses and 48 channel strips; allows users to configure the number of mono, stereo and 5.1 sums, as well as stereo and 5.1 input channel-linking.

Booth: C1057

Audio recording

Audio recording, storage, playback
Zaxcom QRX100

Inputs four channels of audio from up to two Zaxcom stereo or mono digital transmitters to capitalize on cameras that record four or more discrete audio channels; the QRX100 will then output these received audio channels as both analog and AES digital formats; allows broadcasters to record all channels from four-channel ENG cameras quickly and easily; doubles as a time code receiver, with an optional video sync/SMPTE time code output and an optional integrated IFB transmitter.

Booth: C154

Audio routing, distribution

Multiformat modular router
Evertz EMR
Provides a unified platform for routing digital audio, analog audio, MADI audio, data and time code; 6RU frame can accommodate 288 x 288 AES, 288 data ports, 288 x 288 time code signals or a mix; expansion to 4608 x 4608 can be accomplished with multiple frames.

Booth: N1602

Audio router
Miranda Technologies NVISION 8500

Features integrated audio processing, including de-embedding, shuffling, break-away and re-embedding capabilities; uses new hybrid switching technology, which allows every frame in the router family to de-embed, route and re-embed up to 16 channels of mono audio per video input, and output in a completely nonblocking audio/video switch.

Booth: N2515

Fiber-optic signal transport
Riedel MediorNet
For uncompressed multichannel HD/SD video, audio, intercom and data; now available in new MADI and RockNet MediorNet cards as well as the software-based Framestore feature for U.S. markets; combines signal transport, routing, signal processing and conversion into one integrated real-time network; includes signal routing, allowing users to send any incoming signal to any output or even to multiple outputs by just a mouse click or by a router control system; each mainframe provides a router for 32 x 32 720p/1080i signals, 160 x 160 SD-SDI signals, 27,000 x 27,000 AES signals or any combination of these.

Booth: C6747

Broadcast interface card
Yamaha Commercial Audio Systems MY8-SDI-ED
Offers from eight to 64 I/O channels, depending on the number of consoles and cards used; provides I/O of HD-SDI embedded audio signals; features one HD/SD-SDI input, two HD/SD-SDI outputs (same signal) and one reclocked through-output; can de-embed up to two of the four audio groups (four channels per group for a total of eight channels), multiplexed in an HD-SDI signal, and can embed two audio groups into an HD/SD-SDI signal for output.

Booth: C1336

Automation, including news and master control

News production
Bitcentral Precis

Open and nonproprietary news production solution; integrates with newsroom computer systems, nonlinear editors, storage devices and video codecs; offers a cost-effective way to migrate to a file-based, easily scalable and HD-upgradable play-to-air system.

Booth: SU2312

Digital content management system
Florical Systems AssetCollector
Uses Rhozet’s Carbon Coder to provide a complete automated solution for all digitally delivered content; loads with S.M.A.R.T. Central workflow management tool, accessed from any networked computer through the Internet; enables user to manage digital content from anywhere.

Booth: N4329

Replay system
Grass Valley K2 Dyno 1.5
Adds an enhanced user interface with updated audio meters and intuitive remaining storage time and remaining time indicators; offers improved (2X faster) highlight and playlist creation and cue-up functions; fine-tuned operational control allows users to streamline production workflows and boost productivity; fully compatible with Grass Valley K2 Summit software release v7.1.14, I-Frame MPEG and AVC-Intra options now available for K2 Summit servers, and the company’s K2 Solo server, representing a low-cost single input/single output channel system.

Booth: SL106

Automation and playout platform
OmniBus iTX
Includes more than 130 new features, such as advanced aspect ratio control with AFD insertion, BXF schedule import, enhanced CG capability and closed-captioning functionality, support for copy guard data insertion, additional bit rate support for Dolby D, and schedule preview control; allows broadcasters to mix both media formats and resolutions in the same schedule; broadcast HD, SD and lower bit rates can be mixed within a single schedule and are automatically up- or downconverted by iTX; can be used for Internet TV and streaming delivery applications.

Booth: N3722

Master control switcher
Utah Scientific MC-4000
Integrated system is designed to handle the most demanding on-air operations in live, automated or automation-assisted operating environments; features new internal squeeze and graphics capabilities, as well as a new control panel option.

Booth: N4511

Automation system
Pebble Beach Systems Marina

Flexible and scalable up to hundreds of channels; distributed architecture is able to use resources over multiple servers; designed to allow broadcasters to select the best underlying technology to suit their specific needs, enabling them to tackling complex, changing workflows while retaining the ability to mix basic passthrough-style channels with labor-intensive channels within a single system.

Booth: N6809

Automation system
Snell Morpheus
Version 2 expands the system’s feature set and offers full ratification for running on a Virtual Machine environment; includes intelligent synchronization of time-delayed channels, support for triggering scripted, complex operations via simple manual intervention and implementation of the spot-checking capability; allows users to evolve the look, feel and content of their channels simply and quickly, in house.

Booth: N1820

Automation newsroom solutions
VSN vsnmacnews

The latest versions of vsnnews terminal, vsnnetsharer/macsharer and vsnarchive now run on MacOS and/or Windows platforms even within a single network; features like drag and drop between different modules, specific plug-ins to assign editing projects to a playlist, and new attractive user interfaces provide users with an enhanced level of flexibility to design their production architecture.

Booth: N4616

Cameras, lenses, accessories

PL mount zoom lens
Fujinon 75mm-400mm HK5.3x75

Offers large telephone focal range, fast T-stops and high optical performance; designed to maximize performance on either film or digital cinematography cameras; features 136mm front-barrel diameter, consistent gear position and production-friendly size and mass.

Booth: C7425

1080p cameras
Grass Valley LDK 8000 Elite WorldCam
Offer the capability for 1080p50 and 59.94 bandwidth; with a single fiber adaptor users can switch between 720p50/60, 1080i50/60 and now 1080p50/60; 1080p has been added without compromising any other functionality of the fiber interconnection, including an HD return video path and the ability to run up to 4000m (13,100ft) on SMPTE-standard hybrid fiber.

Booth: SL106

Panasonic AW-HE50
Available in two versions: the AW-HE50H with an HDMI output and AW-HE50S with an HD/SD-SDI output and genlock; will be a key component in the company’s first complete IP and Serial-control capable system; up to 100 units located in remote locations can be operated by a new remote camera controller, the AW-RP50.

Booth: C3712

CGs, prompters, captioning

Character generator
Compix CompactCG HD
Offers both HD-SDI and SD-SDI functionality, as well as the specs and feature set of a full-size system in a rugged 1RU chassis; ideal for channel-branding applications, with software options including NewsScroll with RSS, which provides the power of multiple crawls, logos, a real-time clock, live weather updates, ratings, and live RSS feeds.

Booth: C9515

Caption/subtitle encoding software
Softel Swift vTX
Enables broadcasters to repurpose content regardless of file format and switch between SD and HD formats easily to facilitate multiplatform, worldwide distribution; supports a large array of file, wrapper and playout formats.

Booth: N2534

Consulting services

Systems integrations
Designs, engineers and installs integrated systems for video broadcast technologies; specializes in bundled solutions to complex projects, from hardware and software, to installation and training.

Booth: C11126

Graphics, animation products

Branding switcher
Pixel Power BrandMaster
Combines master control and high-end branding graphics in a single integrated system to enable channels to be efficiently branded without the need to maintain an external pool of graphics resources; puts graphics capability at the transmission point, reduces the complexity of the signal path, streamlines the channel branding process and lowers the total cost of channel branding; features a new master control panel, designed to deliver a control surface that is familiar to master control operators; a new version of the Router Control System adds the power of single-button channel assignment, with full router salvo control.

Booth: N2034

Graphics system
Harris G5
All-in-one broadcast graphics system; can be easily incorporated into any automated, live sports broadcast environment via the industry-standard Intelligent Interface, MOS protocols, or the new Harris Direct Control 2 interface; the 3RU system delivers flawless 2-D and 3-D real-time graphics on a single channel in SD or HD, as well as 3-D scene playback capability.

Booth: N2502

Intercom, IFB products

Intercom software
Clear-Com Communication Systems
Interfaces with external audio systems including party line systems, paging systems, program feeds and other matrix systems using a four-wire interface over a standard IP network; allows authorized users with Internet access to easily communicate with other crew members using hard-wired panels and wireless belt packs on the party line and/or matrix intercom circuit who are using hard-wired panels and wireless belt packs; can accept and send audio through a facility’s public announcement system, program feed and other four-wire audio devices via most commercially available audio interface boxes.

Booth: C6025

Intercom virtual key software
Riedel Artist VCP-1004 Virtual Panel
Virtual key panel software allows a regular computer to be used as an intercom control panel in combination with any Artist digital matrix intercom system; computers running the software can be integrated via a wired or a wireless Ethernet connection into the matrix; the communication between matrix and virtual panel is realized via the VoIP-108 G2 client card; features four talk-keys and a shift-key to double the number of available keys.

Booth: C6747

Lighting equipment

LED light
Videssence ExceLED 100
100W LED fixture provides an adjustable beam-spread without lenses using only one set of LEDs; an adjustment knob at the back of the fixture easily rotates to move from spot through flood mode and locks in place; can produce light levels at a distance of 25ft and more.

Booth: C3144

Lighting fixtures
Kino Flo VistaBeam 600 and VistaBeam 300
The pole yoke accessory gives the studio DMX fixtures a welded alloy yoke bale offering 360 degrees of fixture movement to focus the soft beam lighting from a studio grid; the pole/yoke system saves time and money eliminating the need for ladder access or costly automated rigging and hoist systems; VistaBeam 600 delivers the equivalent of a 4000W Softlight, but uses only nine amps of power; both fixtures have a DMX control system and the ability to produce daylight or tungsten balanced light from the same fixture.

Booth: C2049

Media storage, archive systems, asset management

MAM system
Alteran Technologies ViTaDi Database
Works directly with pre-existing database infrastructures; accepts .csv and .xml files; data is put directly into the file as it is ingesting to further streamline the process; controls multiple capture solutions simultaneously; organizes metadata and allows for automated metadata creation; manages and tracks videotape status throughout the capture process; organizes captured files and the transcoding engine; monitors and reports on the final capture results.

Booth: C9733

Production asset management system
Avid Interplay 2.1
Supports enhanced media access and control via Interplay support for Mac-based Avid editing systems and streamlined asset ingest and metadata management capabilities; lets users manage content creation projects by centralizing media assets and extending access to remote users; offers Web 2.0 services, further extending third-party interoperability.

Booth: SU902

Archive system
Cache-A Prime-Cache
Network-attached archive appliance enables users to create source masters in acquisition workflows when using the new memory card or disk-based cameras; provides long-term archival storage with easy access at every stage of production.

866-931-5560, ext. 1;
Booth: SL7906

MAM application
Dalet Digital Enterprise Edition WebSpace
Advanced, portable Web-based MAM and news production application uses latest Web 2.0 technologies; features professional video and audio production tools, an enterprise search engine and user-friendly interface; streams media in H.264 or MPEG-4, making remote access to the main archives simple and fast.

Booth: SL4720

Data storage
Isilon IQ
Scale-out NAS storage solutions speed access to critical business information, offering an efficient, easy-to-manage storage infrastructure that reduces capital and operational expenditures while allowing users to seamlessly grow their storage as they grow their business.

Booth: SL4105

Content delivery system
Digital Rapids MediaMesh
Designed to provide efficient transfer of digital media between content providers; optimizes delivery of HD, SD and digital cinema content over terrestrial IP networks and satellite; lowers the costs of delivery for content, from ad spots to syndicated series and long-form features; provides integrated review, inventory management, transcoding, repackaging and playout.

Booth: SL6010

EVS XT[2]+
Available in two-, four- or six-channel configurations; available in SD/HD ready or full HD/SD mode with dual networking capabilities; features include SAS disk controllers, increased internal storage of up to 12 disks with compact 2.5in form factor, increased storage with external array (hot-swappable disks) with a total capacity of up to 20TB per server, 30 percent more bandwidth and a clear upgrade path to AVC-Intra and 1080p support, expanded codec support, and improved monitoring capabilities and SNMP communications.

Booth: C9508

Content replication
Front Porch Digital DIVAnet V6.3
Optional addition to DIVArchive system; automates intelligent replications and distribution of content between any number of independent DIVArchive systems; new features include intelligent load balancing between DIVArchive sites, inclusion of a central distribution plan manager to implement global content distribution plans, end-to-end tracking of content replication commands and global object-delete to support smooth resumption of operation in the event of connectivity loss.

Booth: N5806

Storage system
Omneon MediaGrid
Integrated with a high-performance production server to enable fast access to incoming media used in live and near-live broadcast production; supports production tools from Adobe, Apple, Avid and EVS; provides the processing power for Omneon ProXchange to repackage edited content for rapid delivery to other media distribution outlets.

Booth: N5106

Direct-attached storage system
Small Tree GraniteSTOR ST-RAID
Offers real-time editing for Final Cut users while supporting 12 streams of ProRes 422HQ with no dropped frames; 2TB system is available in eight-, 12- or 16-drive configurations; provides consistent performance over Ethernet networks.

Booth: SL7425

Video server
Multichannel, HD video server featues H.264 encode/decode hardware that delivers digital video images at extremely low data rates; four digital video channels operate as either encode or decode, offering flexibility for demanding record or playback applications; standard features include a built-in TV automation interface and HD-SDI video inputs/outputs.

Booth: C9015

MAM system
NETIA Manreo 2
Adds features to streamline workflow and allow users to simply and efficiently repurpose and broadcast content assets to multiple platforms; incorporates new NETIA Workflow Engine as well as NETIA’s Hypercast Warehouse set of archiving tools, a platform dedicated to media asset management.

Booth: SU3502

Media asset management system
PlayBox Technology PlayBox Metus
Allows users to manage and organize media files located on computers or storage devices in a network, analyze them, retrieve and edit the metadata, create subitems and archive them with security; features fast-forward playback in asset viewer with speech intelligible up to two times.

Booth: N5829

Archive management software
SGL FlashNet
Seamlessly integrates with Avid Interplay 2.1; supports latest version of Apple’s Final Cut Server; provides an XML-based API that allows every major broadcast vendor to create integrated applications that can instantly access the SGL content storage management system; scales to a cluster with a theoretically infinite number of identical nodes, each of which provides high-speed access into and out of the archive; clustered architecture provides high level of reliability.

+44 1489 889930;
Booth: N1520

Channel playout solution
Omneon MediaDeck GX
Combines video server playout, graphics and audio processing, all of which can operate under the control of the user’s preferred automation system; offers rich branding, real-time graphics and master control functionality; simplifies workflows and makes it easier and more affordable for broadcasters to launch new services or to make incremental additions to their existing channel lineup.

Booth: N5106

Asset management
ViewCast Media Platform (VMp)
A unified framework that helps organizations manage the full lifecycle of their digital media content, including IP video; supports online video, including content acquisition, transformation, indexing, workflow and distribution; combining ViewCast’s Osprey and Niagara IP video encoding solutions with the capabilities of VMp — live scheduling and event management, VOD, digital asset management and enterprise content management infrastructure from IBM — has created a comprehensive solution for driving value with digital media.

Booth: SL1709

SATA storage system
Sonnet Technologies Fusion DX800RAID
Expandable eight-drive RAID direct-attached storage system includes PCIe RAID controller card; designed to provide video editors the speed required for working with uncompressed 10-bit 1080 HD video streams.

Booth: SL7727

Video Technics VT HotFolder
Software application imports SD/HD file-based media content from a wide variety of sources into the VT database for immediate playout on any Apella or OASYS video server; supports multiple codecs, video standards and file containers.

Booth: N6812

New media, streaming products, multimedia/Internet

HD/SD live streaming encoder
Brick House Video MiniCaster
Designed to offer a cost-effective solution for live streaming, complete with HD-SDI, SD-SDI and analog video inputs, and embedded and discrete audio processing with GigE output; comes in a compact, 2RU half-rack enclosure; can record live streams via built-in RAID storage.

Booth: N4019

Encoding system
Digital Rapids StreamZHD 3.2
Supports three-screen live and on-demand experiences and file-based workflows by offering simultaneous encoding to multiple formats and devices; new features include integrated segmenting for Apple iPhone delivery, JPEG 2000 encoding and workflow integration, YouTube Content ID fingerprinting support, Microsoft PlayReady digital rights management support and enhanced Microsoft IIS Smooth Streaming.

Booth: SL6010

Transcoding system
Harmonic Rhozet Carbon Server 4.0
Designed to manage a network of Carbon Coder transcoders as well as Carbon QC 1.0 quality control modules; provides complete file-based workflow management including transcoding, quality control and delivery; brings automated compliance and quality testing into the transcoding workflow; features dynamic load-balancing and failover protection.

Booth: SU7213

NTT Electronics HV9100 series
Supports both HD (1080i/720p) and SD (480i/576i); additionally supports, optionally, up to 16 channels of audio input capability and an IP interface; compatible with the 4:2:2 profile.

Booth: SU7217

Streambox SBT3-5300
Ideal for live news broadcasts, distribution of video to cable headends, SNG/ENG vehicles and other video delivery applications that require high reliability and performance with minimal power consumption; delivers SD video quality and compression at data rates ranging from 64Kb/s to 15Mb/s; forward error correction and burst error protection help to mitigate packet loss and network jitter; Web interface enables seamless local or remote system management.

Booth: SU8911

ViewCast Niagara 2120
A compact, low-cost streaming solution; allows even nontechnical personnel to stream high-quality live video in H.264 Adobe Flash format; its built-in Web interface simplifies system setup and operation, allowing complete system control from anywhere on the network; users can set streaming parameters from the intuitive Web interface and can begin streaming in multiple resolutions and bit rates with a single push of the front-panel stream button.

Booth: SL1709

Production switchers, video effects, keyers

HD/SD logo keyer
Crystal Vision MultiLogo
Provides three layers of keying from a variety of internal and external sources, including a 4GB or 8GB multiport, nonvolatile video store that can read six images and write two images simultaneously; new features include easy trimming of recorded clips, text labeling of presets and GPI functionality; allows three logos to be faded up and down independently and makes it easy to put together a sequence of changes using all three key levels.

Booth: N820

Seamless switcher
Analog Way Quattro Value
Performs fast and smooth transitions between any video or computer sources; allows seamless switching between one computer input and any other video or computer input; is fitted with four universal A/V inputs, including one DVI and three outputs — one analog, one DVI for the main and one analog for the preview.

Booth: SL1509

Production switcher
Brick House Video Callisto Micro-HD
Features four asynchronous HD inputs, multiple program/preview and monitoring outputs, 12V operation and a small footprint; designed for mobile crews, helicopter operators and other users for whom space, weight and ease of use are at a premium.

Booth: N4019

Multilevel effects switcher
Ross Video Vision Octane
Features 35 full-screen HD animation stores, 24 channels of 3D DVE with WARP capability, 96 inputs, 48 outputs and 56 keyers; can be loaded with any number of multilevel effects from one to eight, match any application and be combined with up to nine different control panels; ships with new 3G infrastructure as standard.

Booth: N3807

Recording media

Capture card
AJA Video KONA 3 v7.5
KONA 3 card running Version 7.5 software enables double-speed transfer from supported VTRs, including the Sony SRW-5800; supports Apple ProRes 4444 RGB; new features include support for time lapse and VPID as part of KONA 3 SDI output for support of select dual-link monitors.

Booth: SL920

Transmission recording system
Axon Digital Design TRACS
Transmission recording and compliance system/video logger now features an HD input, which enables compliance recording or video logging without the need for an additional external device for downconversion; input is available as an option on all single-channel TRACS recorders and does not affect the maximum storage capability.

Booth: N1119

MPEG-2 codec
Enables high-quality imaging and audio performance with up to 50Mb/s data recording and twice the color data of the HDV profile format as well as the recording of 1920 x 1080-pixel HD video; supports higher resolution and increased color data for high-quality video.

Booth: C4325

Video capture card
Blackmagic Design DeckLink HD Extreme
Now includes dual link and 3Gb/s SDI for 4:4:4 quality, and a new hardware downconverter for simultaneous HD and SD playback; connects to SDI, HDMI, component analog, NTSC/PAL and S-video equipment for capture and playback, while instantly switching between SD, HD and 2K.

Booth: SL6020

HD video disk recorder
Doremi Labs V1-UHD
Provides instant access to video, uncompressed recording and networkable operation; is 3RU high and available with fixed or hot-swappable internal drives; records HD-SDI and SDI video; includes an external video storage chassis for feature-length recording; features frame- accurate control.

Booth: C5640

Fast Forward Video HD3
Designed for on-set motion picture and TV production; features JPEG 2000 compression for optimal HD and SD image quality, as well as a high-quality, third-party monitor; available in single- or dual-channel configurations; uses removable, hot-swappable 2.5in SATA drives that are compatible with the company’s complete HD line of products.

Booth: C8016

Maxell iVDR VC102
Direct-to-disk adapter provides reliability and ruggedness; has a current capacity of 250GB, enough space to record 19 hours of digital video, 110 hours of DVD-quality video or 20 hours of MPEG HD video.

Booth: C8737

Satellite equipment,services

Satellite communications solutions
NPR Satellite Services
Provides the satellite capacity for building, servicing or expanding a satellite network; offers nationwide coverage to meet the video, audio and data distribution needs of broadcasters and network operators.

Booth: SU6913

Satellite service
On Call Communications QuickSPOT On Demand
Within minutes of deploying a QuickSPOT antenna, the system is ready to begin transmitting HD/SD video feeds along with providing IFB-compatible phone lines and Internet access; pay-for-what-you-use billing system offers flexibility to access satellite time per minute without prescheduling or purchasing discounted prescheduled blocks of time.

Booth: OE910

Mobile broadband satellite service
Stratos BGAN X-Stream
Allows a guaranteed minimum symmetrical video streaming rate of 384kb/s, with up to 450kb/s expected under optimal conditions; is supported only by Class 1 BGAN terminals; access to BGAN X-Stream does not require an additional external antenna or any other supplementary hardware.

Booth: OE1720

Sencore TX 3453
Delivers multiple channels of transcoding in a reliable, high-density 1RU chassis; features a configurable engine and multichannel architecture, bidirectional video transcoding from MPEG-2 to MPEG-4/H.264 and/or H.264 to MPEG-2 in all common HD or SD formats, as well as ASI and IP transport stream and optional RF interfaces; offers up to 16 channels.

Booth: SU4310

Studio and support products, multi-image displays

Multi-image display
Harris Predator II-GX
HD control and monitoring solution; available in a 1RF or 2RU frame, making it ideally suited to outside broadcast vans, production centers, monitoring facilities or master control rooms that require a flexible, scalable architecture; allows for the expansion of inputs to match growing monitoring needs, including optional computer graphic input cards, which allow DVI-I or VGA sources to be monitored alongside video; features low system latency and easy reconfigurability; offers built-in autosensing support for multiple input video and audio standards, embedded and discrete audio monitoring, SNMP-based alarms and aspect ratio management.

Booth: N2502

Video playback device Multiviewers
Apantac Tahoma-LI
3G-ready family with looping inputs auto-detects four to 32 video inputs (HD/SD-SDI/composite); supports DVI, HDMI and VGA outputs up to 2048 x 1080; includes built-in video and audio alarm detection; incorporates a built-in CATx extender, which allows digital 1080p signals to be extended up to 115ft.

Booth: N4029

Flat screens
Autoscript LED TFT-Plus
Range includes 8-, 12-, 15- and 17in versions; feature an illuminated control panel for easy visibility in dark studio conditions; feature LED technology, which offers advantages for display longevity, performance, reliability and “green” energy savings.

Booth: C6025

LCD monitors
JVC G series
Features 3G and dual-link HD/SD-SDI (1080p/60 4:4:4) inputs; the 17in DT-V17G1Z and the 24in DT-V24G1Z are designed for broadcast, studio, mobile and field applications that demand accurate color reproduction for critical image evaluation; feature a built-in waveform monitor with over-level function, vectorscope with selectable size and position, advanced audio level meter and LTC/VITC time code support.

Booth: C4314

AMOLED monitor
TVLogic LEM-150L1
Uses a 15in AMOLED screen at native 1366 x 768 resolution; features include 100,000:1 contrast ratio, two 3G/HD/SD-SDI inputs and outputs, one DVI input, one HDMI input with HDCP, analog/component/composite/S-video/RGB inputs, 1:1 pixel mapping modes for SD/HD audio disembedder and built-in speaker.

Booth: SL6514

Marshall Electronics Quad-Viewer
Full-resolution monitors with IMD; available in different sizes; allows viewing of four different inputs at once with three different layouts to choose from; does not require external under monitor display; supports the following protocols: Image Video, NVISION, TSL and MEI; offers a full-resolution 1920 x 1200 display; new unique RotoMenu feature enables fast, direct and easy menu navigation.

Booth: C8931

Technical furniture system
TBC Consoles IntelliTrac
Front and rear device tracks allow unlimited lateral positioning of critical monitors; rack bay turrets may be easily upgraded or relocated, allowing quick, user-friendly modifications; full range of articulating arms for distance, height and tilt control may be used for mounting flat-panel monitors, speakers, phones and task lighting.

Booth: C12626

KVM extender
Thinklogical VelocityKVM
Extends KVM, DVI and analog video, USB, audio and serial signals up to 350m using standard 50um multimode fiber, 1000m using eSX+ multimode fiber and 40km using single-mode fiber; allows for full-frame-rate transmission of uncompressed DVI with no frame dropping; features USB 1.1, USB 2.0 and DDC2B/EDID compliancy as well as local KVM ports; supports single- and dual-link DVI signals.

Booth: SL4729

LCD monitor
TVLogic XVM-245W
Uses 24in 1920 x 1080 color-critical monitor featuring 10-bit LCD, RGB LED backlight, HD/SD input support including 2K; includes two auto-sensing HD/SD-SDI, component, composite, S-video, RGB, DVI-I and HDMI with HDCP inputs, fully automated calibration with integrated 3D LUT, SMPTE-C, REC 709, DCI-P3 and EBU color-space support, internal waveform/vectorscope, interlaced field mode and 3G dual-link 4:4:4 option.

Booth: SL6514

Marshall Electronics ORCHID
Fully-featured broadcast LCD rack-mount monitors; available in different sizes; include a real-time waveform monitor, real-time color vectorscope, 16 64-segment tricolor audio meters and a tricolor tally indicator; offer on-screen time code, seven assignable GPI inputs and adjustable color temperature, as well as an auto-sensing front-panel headphone jack and auto-sensing rear unbalanced stereo output.

Booth: C8931


Production and infrastructure portfolio
Designed to assist broadcasters with transition to 3-D broadcasting; products range from contribution and acquisition to distribution and multiviewing.

Booth: N1602

3-D field fiber transport
MultiDyne LiGHTBoX
A 3-D field fiber transport system; features more signal paths for HD video, audio and data; fully customizable and offers virtually any signal configuration; can also be linked via tactical fiber cable to the MultiDyne DVM-2500, HD-1500, HD-3000 and HEMC-4000; provides a high-quality signal throughput and the opportunity to integrate almost any solution from the MultiDyne product line, including the new DVI-6000 and COMMS-2000 products; equipped with a rugged case, making it highly weatherproof for outdoor and remote location broadcasting.

Booth: C7637

3-D LCD monitor
Panasonic BT-3DL2550
A 25.5in 3-D LCD production monitor with full 1920 x 1200 resolution; features professional connectivity, including dual HD-SDI and DVI interfaces, exceptional color performance and a ruggedized frame; includes two HD/SD-SDI inputs, component and RGB, as well as standard RS-232C (nine-pin) and GPI (nine-pin) remote inputs, headphone jack and green and red tally lamps on the front panel; has an embedded audio decoder onboard (through its headphone jack), time code display, closed-captioning (through video input only) and audio level meter display of up to eight channels.

Booth: C3712

TBCs, frame syncs, conversion equipment

Dual de-interlacer/scaler
Daitron i-Chips IP00C811
Features a built-in video decoder, ADC, CPU and LVDS Tx; supports PiP, PoP with inputs and output up to 1080p/WUXGA/2K1K progressive or 1080i; additional features include MPEG noise reduction, edge enhancement, xvYCC deep color processing, high-color bitmap OSD, 90-degree image rotation, mirror image, keystone correction and edge blending; suited for video walls applications.

Booth: SL10723

Up/down/crossconversion card
Cobalt Digital Fusion-3G 9900 Series UDX
Supports 3G/HD/SD-SDI, fiber and analog I/O and AES and analog I/O; takes the input video and performs high-quality deinterlacing and video scaling; AFD processing engine performs reliable, accurate ARC changes with no user input; features advanced audio-processing options allowing routing, gain, delay and mixing as standard features; video options include color correction, wings keying, general-purpose keying and test signal generation; audio options include Dolby E and AC-3 decoding/encoding, Linear Acoustic UPMAX upmixing and AEROMAX loudness processing.

Booth: N2830

Short-delay downconverter
Crystal Vision Q-Down 3G
Downconverts 1080p 3Gb/s, 720p HD and 1080i HD at 50Hz and 59.94Hz, with the downconverter bypassed if the input is SD; provides input loop-throughs and three downconverted feeds; HD video inputs can be configured as mixtures of digital HD, RGB and YUV, while SD outputs can be configured as mixtures of SDI, composite, Y/C, YUV and RGB; features fixed video delay settings including minimum (16 or 52 SD lines), fixed (52 SD lines) and frame; can deal with any 3Gb/s or HD or SD aspect ratio conversion requirements.

Booth: N820

Scan converter
Ensemble Designs BrightEye Mitto
Makes it easy to choose the desired video output format, 1.5Gb/s and 3Gb/s HD-SDI or SD-SDI; possesses proprietary scaling technology and exclusive multitap filtering; the region selected for output determines if the scan converter acts as an upconverter or downconverter; the filters automatically adjust in accordance with the conversion being performed; the included software allows users to simply use a mouse to select which part of the computer video they want to output to HD or SD video.

Booth: N1929

PESA QuadBox series
Fiber media converters with three new product offerings — a 4 x 4 coax switch box, a 4 x 4 fiber switch box and a two-channel bidirectional fiber/coax extender; supports video formats from 143Mb/s to 3Gb/s; provide equalized and reclocked video signals for SMPTE 259M, 292M and 424M or can be set to by-pass mode if needed.

Booth: N4123

SDI-to-HDMI converter
LYNX Technik yellobrik CDH 1811
Ideal for converting any SDI video signal (up to 3Gb/s 1080p60) into a standard HDMI signal for monitoring and display; also ideal as an integrated SDI fiber transmission system with HDMI confidence monitoring; an optional fiber interface allows the module to be used for monitoring fiber connections and also function as a fiber converter; the HDMI output displays the native input resolution, so no scaling artifacts are introduced.

Booth: N5011

Standards and format converters
Snell CVR800 and TBS800
CVR800 frame rate and format converter and TBS800 format converter and synchronizer both offer a range of features and functionality, including support for 3Gb/s operations and composite video I/O; offer user-controllable enhancement tools to enable users to obtain their preferred visual effect.

Booth: N1820

Loudness control
Miranda Technologies Automatic Loudness Control (ALC)
Prevents excessive jumps in program-to-program and channel-to-channel loudness levels; available for multiple Densité interfaces; three ALC solutions are available: ALC with Linear Acoustic AEROMAX processing, ALC with Junger Level Magic processing and ALC with Miranda’s low-cost, high-performance wideband audio processing; operation can be based on either set-and-forget or actively managed processing modes.

Booth: N2515

Telco, IPTV and mobilevideo equipment

MPEG-2 to H.264 transcoders/MPEG-2 to MPEG-2 scalers
Available in ASI-to-IP, ASI-to-ASI and IP-to-IP systems; transcodes one HD (720p) stream or two SD streams into H.264 and outputs the streams over ASI or IP; receives uncompressed HD-SDI at up to 1.485Gb/s; I/O format can be MPEG-2 or H.264; will work as a PAL to NTSC converter; transcodes at bit rates of 64kb/s to 12Mb/s; supports SNMP, SD/HD input, up to 720p HD output, AAC or MPEG/AC-3 transcoding or pass-through audio and resolutions of SQVGA, QCIF, QVGA, SIF, VGA or any custom size up to 720p.

Booth: SU2709

Multi-image display/monitoring solution
Evertz MViP
Targeted at applications where simple, efficient monitoring of audio and video from an IP transport stream is required; developed for digital headends, IPTV networks and sites using IP for distribution with a requirement to monitor and display audio and video along with fault information and transport details on a DVI-based monitor.

Booth: N1602

IP video transport
Nevion VS901-Ix-GE
Provides high-quality JPEG2000 compressed SD/HD video and transport over IP; its low latency and high visual quality is the ideal solution for interactive or any delay-sensitive applications; guarantees the highest possible visual quality with absolute minimal degradation through multiple encode/decode cycles; provides optimum source content for final encoding via MPEG-2/H.264 and distribution to the home.

Booth: N4624

H.264 video-over-IP distribution solution
HaiVision Network Video Video Furnace System 5.5
Supports MAKITO H.264 encoder to manage and distribute live video to computers and set-top boxes, to create scheduled playback channels for enterprise TV and signage, and to record content and deliver VOD; controls direct, secure distribution of SD and HD video to InStream player and STINGRAY set-top box; Playback Manager supports scheduled channels for IP video broadcast and signage; Media Server leverages H.264 to enable HD VOD; enhanced with network video recording functionalities, including API-enabled management by third-party systems, ad hoc and pause/resume recording, bookmark insertion with annotations and publishing.

Booth: SL4424

IPTV distribution
Intelsat IPTV Service
A wholesale MPEG-4 content aggregation and delivery service for distributors and integrators operating in the United States; supports delivery of a prepackaged TV programming lineup in a highly-efficient MPEG-4 IP format to cable and telecom service providers.

Booth: SU1417

PSIP generator
Triveni Digital GuideBuilder
Now offers new mobile services features; provides mission-critical operational capabilities for both content providers and network operators by generating accurate PSIP data; enables unified fixed and mobile DTV metadata management and generation capabilities in a single platform; includes the addition of electronic service guide functionality to ensure up-to-date scheduling and tuning, managed through the operator’s existing workflow components.

Booth: SU3202

IP video production system
Panasonic 50 series
An IP and Serial-controlled video production system; includes the AW-RP50 remote camera controller, the AW-HE50 multiformat HD/SD camera with an integrated pan-tilt-zoom mechanism, and the AW-HS50 sub-compact live switcher with built-in multiviewer.

Booth: C3712

Test & measurement equipment

Blackmagic Design Ultrascope
A 3Gb/s SDI and optical fiber SDI scope designed for editors and colorists; plugs into any compatible Windows computer with a 24in monitor; can display six live scope views simultaneously; includes 3Gb/s SDI plus 3Gb/s optical fiber SDI; auto detects SD, HD and 3Gb/s SDI inputs.

Booth: SL6020

Spectrum analyzers
Bird Technologies SignalHawk series
Now includes a dedicated rack-mounted version, built using the same analysis engine but with no display or keypad; the SH-36S-RM includes Ethernet and USB connections for local and remote communication; users can remotely analyze the radio frequency spectrum; measure intended and interfering signals; remotely display signal amplitude versus frequency, and save traces to your PC; eliminate trips to difficult remote locations; manage multiple sites from one centralized location; verify FCC compliance via built-in emissions masks.

Booth: C454

TS monitor
Triveni Digital StreamScope RM-40 2.0
New features include Live Services Manager and thumbnail views of the RM-40 real-time stream monitoring appliance that enable users to confirm with a quick glance that video is present; also decodes closed-captioning data with rules-based alerts if data should fall out of compliance, reducing the manual workload necessary to maintain required closed-captioning information.

Booth: SU3202

Test & measurement equipment
Cobalt Digital Audio Loudness Meter
Provides a flexible, comprehensive solution for ingest or on-air loudness metering and assessment; features true peak-level detection, error tracking and logging, and an intuitive interface with touch-screen control; ensures thorough audio level and LFKS assessment information; option is available on a number of Cobalt 9000 Series cards and is ATSC A/85 and ITU BS.1770 compliant.

Booth: N2830

TV analyzer
Rohde & Schwarz R&S ETL
Enables users to perform all required measurements on TV transmitters or cable headends; options available to measure ATSC and ATSC Mobile DTV single-frequency networks and support U.S. J.83/B cable standard and Japanese ISDB-T standard; automated software that simplifies compliance testing of ATSC transmitters is available free of charge.

Booth: SU3717

Waveform monitors
Tektronix WFM8200 and WFM8300
Provide high-quality, real-time, automated 3Gb/s SDI eye pattern display and jitter measurements; feature advances in color grading with new patented Luma Qualified Vector and Spearhead Gamut displays; WFM8300 also provides multirate HD/SD-SDI and 3G-SDI color bar and pathological signal generation capabilities.

Booth: N2522

TV transmitters, feedline, antennas, towers, services

ATSC mobile DTV transmitter
Axcera ATSC Mobile DTV system
Combines fixed and mobile content into a single transport stream feeding an ATSC broadcast transmitter; using the company’s field-tested ATSC Mobile DTV Multiplexer and Axciter ATSC Modulator, an existing digital transmitter can be easily upgraded to carry mobile DTV service.

Booth: SU2908

Distribution amplifier
ESE DV-212
A 1 x 12 3G/HD/SD SDI distribution amplifier with a loop through input; provides cable equalization, reclocking and distribution; distributes one 3G, HD or SD-SDI input signal to 12 outputs; the video signal can be reclocked before distribution or distributed without retiming the input signal; in reclocking mode, it automatically detects and reclocks the 270Mb/s, 1.5Gb/s, or 3Gb/s signal.

Booth: C6437

Six-way diversity receiver
RF Central RMR X6-II-D4
Features on-screen display of stream data, Ethernet monitoring for remote access and IP encapsulation for Internet broadcast; available as a stand-alone COFDM receiver with ASI output, with an MPEG-2 internal SD/HD or integral MPEG-4 SD/HD decoder; includes compact chassis and OLED display.

Booth: C6419

Screen Service Broadcasting Technologies XBT 704
In analog operation, receives an RF input signal and delivers it through its output connectors; acts as a bypass for the RF analog signal; in digital operation, receives an RF digital input signal and decodes the contents; extracts a program from the bouquet and delivers it into an ASI output signal; signal feeds a transposer; features two-channel balanced analog audio output and doubled SDI interface for digital video with embedded audio.

Booth: SU4908

Microwave link system
Nucomm ChannelMaster Lite
Available in single-, dual- or tri-band configurations, using frequency bands from 1.5GHz to 15.4GHz; features adjustable long-GOP encoding — including I, P and B frames — improving video quality as well as offering a low delay mode; the encoder can be purchased as HD/SD or SD only; for increased flexibility, a wide array of inputs are provided, including composite video/audio, SDI (with de-embedded audio), ASI and 70MHz.

Booth: C6419

VHF transmitters
Harris Platinum VHF transmitter
Available in both liquid-cooled, high-power and air-cooled low-power models; feature PowerSmart technology for efficiency and reliable operation; both of these solid-state transmitters incorporate the Harris Apex M2X multimedia exciter to support a wide range of global digital standards — including ATSC, ATSC M/H, DVB-T/H, ISDB-TB, FLO, DMB, DAB, CMMB and CTTB; software upgrades allow easy migration to different modulation requirements.

Booth: N2502

UHF/VHF low-power transmitter
Rohde & Schwarz R&S SCx8000
Supports ATSC, ATSC Mobile DTV, DVB-T/H and MediaFLO as well as analog TV standards; implements a module-based, air-cooling concept; integrates an RF splitter and combiner solution in the amplifier modules; can be switched from analog to digital transmission at any time by remote or manually; power output stage comes equipped with broadband precorrection; features power output of up to 450W or 300W with one amplifier in UHF range, or up to 900W with second amplifier; amplifiers come equipped with two power supplies.

Booth: SU3717

Video editing systems

PCI Express editing solution
Blackmagic Design Multibridge Eclipse
External PCI Express capture and playback solution instantly switches between SD, HD and 2K, in 4:2:2 or 4:4:4 video quality; connects to PC or Mac with high-speed 10Gb/s PCI Express for editing system, or use independently as a bidirectional SDI video converter; features 3Gb/s SDI, HDMI and analog editing with 16 channels of audio.

Booth: SL6020

Editing system
Grass Valley EDIUS 5.5
PC-based nonlinear editing software; now includes real-time, full-resolution AVCHD editing already released for the EDIUS Neo 2 Booster package; ideal for professional and prosumer videographers who shoot and edit AVCHD video and need native real-time performance when editing material compressed with the AVCHD format; is now Windows 7 compatible.

Booth: SL106

Video routing

Portable video switcher
FOR-A HVS300HS series
The newest addition to the company’s Hanabi series; the small,1RU main frame is packed with features including frame synchronizing and resizing engine on every channel, which allow any SD equipment to be used in full HD mode; has plenty of wipe patterns, including 2-D and 3-D DVE transitions; features a keyer with chroma key, DSK, dual picture in picture, 16-channel multiviewer and still stores.

Booth: C5219

Video production system
Broadcast Pix Slate V8
Features a powerful and efficient new user interface, as well as enhancements to its Fluent Multi-View, Clip Store and Macros workflow tools; new options extend control to ViewCast streamers and Telemetrics camera control systems; will run on upcoming 3G systems, enabling a smooth transition to a 1080p future; Fluent Multi-View has an updated look that is easier to read and customize; any element can now be resized; colors can be changed for window borders and backgrounds; new alignment tools make it easy to optimize across as many as four monitors.

Booth: N4506

Nevion VS7700
ASI/SDI intelligent slipless switch provides full transport stream protection for digital television networks; with comprehensive TR 101 290 real-time analysis, it can base switching decisions not only on disrupted signals but also on the quality of both the primary and backup transport streams; by performing feed-forward switching, TS packet alignment is guaranteed throughout the switching process.

Booth: N4624

Panasonic AW-HS50
The IP-capable HD/SD live, portable switcher offers four HD/SD-SDI inputs and one DVI-D input, as well as a built-in multiviewer display; features a built-in frame-synchronizer for each input, two HD/SD-SDI outputs and one scalable DVI-D output; provides IP links to the new AW-RP50 remote camera controller, enabling automatic selection of the currently controlled P/T/Z camera video on the switcher’s aux bus.

Booth: C3712

I/O boards
Utah Scientific
Designed for the UTAH-400 router; allow users to choose MADI audio and IP video input and output options in addition to the existing analog and digital video (up to 3G) and analog and digital audio options.

Booth: N4511

3G HD/SDI routing switcher
Sierra Video openGear routing switcher
Passes 19Mb/s SDI to 3G/s HD-SDI video; available in 8 x 4, 8 x 2, 4 x 4 and 4 x 2 I/O configurations; features include reclocking, automatic input equalization and dual reference inputs; compatible with Dashboard control software; can be controlled via RS-232/422 or with a remote-control panel.

Booth: SL4505

Weather/data services

Emergency alert management system
Digital Alert Sysmtems DASDEC-II
Includes integrated support for MPEG-2 or MPEG-4 outputs, a browser-based interface for remote monitoring, up to four Ethernet ports for multiple access points within a station and automatic FCC-compliance logging within the system’s non-volatile memory bank; can be used as a drop-in replacement for any existing EAS encoder/decoder set; supports a broad range of physical connection and interface protocols; engineered to handle future emergency alert requirements with software; flexible packaging allows for various model configurations.

Booth: C3651

Weather graphics
Weather Central 3D:LIVE
A real-time broadcast weather platform for HD and SD; integrates up-to-the-second data, 3D effects, animations, high-resolution maps, and comprehensive storytelling tools that ensure a continuous supply of fresh content; new tools enable meteorologists to quickly and easily personalize forecasts, graphics and alerts for distribution to their audience across the complete spectrum of broadcast, online and mobile communications mediums, including social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

Booth: SU912

Wire, cable, connectors

Small-diameter cable
Optical Cable High-Density Bend-Tolerant Cable
Designed for use in truck, LAN, data center, 40/100GigE and other applications where small size, light weight and small bend radii are needed; increases capacity in tray systems, improves cable management, increases cooling efficiency and reduces cost for under-raised-floor cabling systems; offers superior performance with negligible loss; exceeds ITU-T-G.657.A2 standards for bending performance; has a tighter bend performance than many similar products.

Booth: SU8823

Fischer Connectors AluLite series
Aluminium engineered metal connectors; 50 percent lighter than typical metal connectors; the ultra light, compact connectors offer excellent strength-to-weight ratio; ideal for handheld material, mobile equipment, batteries and power supplies, trollies, rack-mounted units or auxilary equipment; easily integrate with high-profile product designs, while also offering a flexible color-coding system; rugged, sealed up to IP68 and operational from -50°C to +150°C; can withstand the harsh field conditions of outside broadcasting.

Booth: C11724

Note: Booth numbers are provided by NAB and are current as of press time. Every effort has been made by Broadcast Engineering to ensure the accuracy of these listings.