DPG Media Comes Back for More of Lawo’s mc2

DPG Media relied on multiple mc2 56 audio consoles to help connect its newsrooms in Brussels and Antwerp. (Image credit: Lawo)

BRUSSELS, Belgium—A few years ago, we at DPG Media upgraded our outdated news facility in Brussels, Belgium, adding a second control room for redundancy and for producing additional sports/news-related shows. Both control rooms had to be flexible enough to connect to several studios via a dummy-proof user rights management, future-proof AoIP and extensive remote control possibilities. We also expected top-notch audio quality.

After comparing all competitors on the market at the time, we decided to install two Lawo mc256 consoles with local inputs and outputs. Both desks were connected to the same Lawo Nova73 HD core.

We were as happy with this audio mixing solution back then as we are today. The possibilities offered by Lawo mc2 series consoles—and their audio quality—helped us when deciding how to expand our operations even further.


We’ve just completed an extra entertainment control room in Brussels with a third mc256 Grand Production Console. Concurrently, we opened a new building in Antwerp (“News City”) that houses our state-of-the-art news floor. In the adjacent local control room, we installed a slightly more compact mc256 desk, which is used as a highly sophisticated remote control for the backbone processing hardware stationed in our Brussels data center.

This permanent remote production scenario hinges on fiber (400 Gbps) that covers the 40 km distance (25 miles) between Antwerp and Brussels. For audio ingestion and output (mainly for monitoring), DPG Media uses a variety of A__line edge devices and DALLIS units, while audio processing for all four consoles is handled by a redundant pair of A__UHD Core units.

We’re proud of the overall setup, and think it is at the cutting edge of what can be achieved with IP technology in a distributed remote configuration. More information about this can be found in a case study document that was published a few weeks ago by Lawo.


Our Belgian Lawo Benelux partners have been a great help whenever we’ve needed creative solutions to address the fast-changing workflows we require for our productions.

We also like how the Lawo console infrastructure is highly flexible and allows for effortless expansion over our IP media network.

Furthermore, we didn’t have to wait for the pandemic-induced lockdown to realize the power of the mxGUI software that comes with every mc2 series console. It allows us to assist our engineers remotely whenever a problem needs to be solved at short notice.

Additionally, our mc256 consoles allow us to leverage Lawo’s advanced AutoMix algorithms and audio processing functions. And then there is the fast learning curve for all engineers involved with audio mixing assignments.

I think Lawo’s mc2-series consoles have all audio bases covered: Pristine audio quality, a host of mixing assist features, pro-grade remote control, access to third-party devices and solutions right from the sweet spot and lightning-fast mastery of the user interface in a notoriously fast-paced environment.

Jan Lemberechts is head of Production Facilities, DPG Media. He can be contacted at jan.lemberechts@dpgmedia.be.

For more information, visit www.lawo.com.