DPA shows two new compact condensers at AES Europe

DPA Microphones launched two new microphones at AES Amsterdam 2008. The 4017 short shotgun and 4088 cardioid lavalier mics offer precise pickup patterns while maintaining DPA’s characteristic condenser mic clarity. DPA anticipates the mics’ primary market to be broadcast, including ENG/EFP, studio recording and live performance.

For the 4017 short shotgun, DPA carried out extensive R&D to ensure extremely smooth off-axis response of short length (8.3in) and weight of just 2.5oz. “With the 4017, we’re fulfilling a long-term demand for a high-end shotgun mic to provide strong directional qualities for boom applications in film, TV and applications when suppressing unwanted noise is essential,” said sales and marketing director Poul Koza. “If you’ve ever tried holding a mic boom for more than 10 minutes, your arms will appreciate the low weight of the 4017.”

Another new product, the DPA 4080 is a miniature cardioid lavalier designed to be body-mounted approximately 20cm-25cm from the mouth. The 4080 is acoustically pre-equalized with a 5dB presence boost for improved speech intelligibility and definition. It comes with a premounted pop filter and integrated shock mount that allows the mic to be easily turned in any direction.

For more information, visit www.dpamicrophones.com.