DPA Releases New Shotgun Mic and Interview Kit

(Image credit: DPA Microphones)

ALLEROED, Denmark—DPA Microphones has introduced a new addition to its mic lineup, one that can help broadcasters adhere to current social distancing guidelines, the 4097 Core Micro Shotgun Microphone, part of DPA’s new 4097 Core Interview Kit.

The 4097 Core mic features the same sonic qualities as DPA’s Choir Microphone, enabling operators to capture speech from a distance.

The 4097 Core interview kit features a 4099 Cold Shoe Mount with a 1/4-inch thread; DPA MicroDot cable; transmitter plate; lightweight telescopic boom pole; and windjammer. The 4097 Core mic can attach directly to a transmitter or be used with the 4099 series mount, champs and clips. The mic can also be used as a plant mic for TV production environments.

DPA designed the 4097 Core mic with directional characteristics to allow it to reduce background noise compared to a standard omnidirectional lavalier microphone. When used with DPA’s MMA-A Digital Audio interface, the mic can become a complete remote recording package, per DPA, with a two-channel microphone preamp interface offering mono, dual and stereo capabilities. It is also compatible with iOS devices, Mac or PC computers.

Additional features of the 4097 Core mic are a highly directional pickup pattern, low self-noise, flat off-axis frequency response, 16 mV sensitivity, ability to handle high SPLs, “CORE by DPA” amplifier technology, a MicroDot connector and an integrated shock mount.

For more information, visit www.dpamicrophones.com.