DPA announces 4017 miniature shotgun mic

DPA Microphones has unveiled its latest design, the 4017 supercardioid shotgun microphone, designed for clear, uncolored sound reproduction. Measuring less than 9in, the 4017 has been designed for primary use in film and broadcast and has obvious applications in live sound and special effects recording as well.

The hallmark of this new 4017 shotgun microphone is its linear response, due to its minimal side and rear lobes, and excellent octave-to-octave pattern consistency. The design suppresses unwanted sound from the sides and behind the 4017 while maintaining polar control for smooth off-axis response.

The 4017 offers a wide dynamic range, 130dB SPL handling ability, a low 14dBA self-noise and high sensitivity of 25mV. A selectable first order bass roll-off filter (-6dB) fixed at 300Hz and a permanent third order (18dB per octave) high-pass filter set at 50Hz help minimize disturbances from both handling and wind. The mic is also equipped with a high-frequency boost filter of +4dB at 8KHz to help maintain a perceived flat response when used in conjunction with the wide array of zeppelins typically employed in booming applications.

The microphone uses DPA’s 19mm condenser element, requiring 48V of phantom power, typically available from professional field recorders, preamplifiers and consoles.

For more information, visit www.dpamicrophones.com.