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DoPchoice Releases Updated Light Controllers

Snapbag SBCV8
(Image credit: DoPchoice)

MUNICH—DoPchoice is offering updated versions of its Snapbag and Snapgrid light controllers, specifically designed to work with its Creamsource Vortex8 lighting unit.

For the Creamsource Vortex8, DoPchoice offers seven softening Snapbag lightboxes. The Snapbag SBCV8 is purpose-built to mount directly on the Vortex8. The Snapbag SBCV8 pops up instantly and can be attached via velcro straps. It features internal reflective fabric and a removable Magic Cloth diffusion panel. It also has DoPchoice’s patent-bending pyramid baffle sewn into the center, which enables the sidewalls to reflect illumination outward for an even spread without hotspots, per DoPchoice.

Also, with a redesigned Rabbit-Ears attachment system, other Snapbag models—Snapbag Medium; 3-foot, 5-foot and 7-foot Octas; and 3- and 5-foot spherical Lanterns—can also be mounted on Vortex8.

A new 40-degree Snapgrid (90x60cm) with a unique box-shaped design is also now available, able to mount onto the Snapbag SBCV8 with or without the Vortex8 dome. Snapgrids can also be applied to DoPchoice’s Octa models.

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