DNF Controls unveils Universal Switch Panel

DNF Controls has launched its new Universal Switch Panel (USP), a panel of multipurpose, configurable pushbutton switches.

The USP emulates the operation of mechanical pushbuttons, while adding a high degree of flexibility and application-specific functionality not available in conventional pushbutton panels.

The USP is available in a 1RU unit and comes equipped with either eight (USP-8) or 16 (USP-16) front-panel switches (8/16 GPO and 16/16GPI respectively). The panel's isolated relay contact switch closure (GPO) simplifies the unit's interface, while an opto-isolated tally input (GPI) allows for real-time status of external devices. The USP is easily configured using an off-the-shelf Web browser.

The face of each pushbutton switch features a backlit LCD display capable of displaying red, green and amber colors, flashing or solid. The LCD buttons can display "on" and "off" text legends and indicate tally status.

For more information, visit www.dnfcontrols.com.