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DNF Controls Rolls Out Sports Controller/Editor

DNF Controls of Sylmar, Calif. has unveiled a new combination slow-motion controller and two-machine cuts editor designed for sports broadcast environments. The new ST304-EDIT-T is a compact controller that allows one operator to perform slow-motion control and create game highlights on a tape-based system.

Operators can quickly mark and recall up to 100 cue points per VTR--up to 400 total. The cue points are retained in nonvolatile memory when the unit is powered off. Up to four VTRs can be controlled individually or networked.

The ST304-EDIT-T is also designed for two-machine cuts editing. It has a tactile user interface and supports video and audio editing. The "in" and "out" points can be marked or manually entered. The "trim-plus" and "trim-minus" keys provide trimming by frames, seconds, minutes or hours. "In," "out," and "duration" for each VTR is displayed on the device's four-line LCD display.