DK-Technologies launches new StarFish display

DK-Technologies showed its new StarFish surround-sound audio meter at NAB2007. Based on the company’s JellyFish display, the StarFish goes one step further by displaying an image of the acoustic audio levels as the listener experiences them. This information is presented alongside the familiar Jellyfish imagery, which shows audio levels supplied to the center, left/right and left/right rear speakers.

The color of the StarFish contour reflects the correlation between neighboring audio channels in the surround signal. It changes color to indicate positive, neutral and negative correlation so users can see at a glance any unwanted effects in the surround-sound signal. Both the stereo downmix and the mono downmix can be displayed simultaneously with the surround-sound signal, enabling the user to optimize any surround-sound mix in production or post for stereo and mono listening.

The StarFish and the JellyFish displays are incorporated in DK-Technologies’ version 5.1 software for the MSD600M Series of audio meters. The firm plans to make upgrades available for audio meters with earlier software.

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