Divergent Media ships ClipWrap 2.0

Divergent Media has begun shipping ClipWrap 2.0, a major revision to the company’s Macintosh application.

With ClipWrap 2.0, new AVCHD camcorder’s MTS or M2TS files can be rewrapped for use in any QuickTime application as quickly as a file copied for editing in iMovie, Final Cut Pro and Avid.

Until the advent of ClipWrap, compressed footage shot in formats such as HDV was nearly unusable in the QuickTime ecosystem. With ClipWrap 2.0, users are no longer required to post-process every clip in a laborious transcode that can last hours, cause generation loss and consume vast amounts of disk space.

ClipWrap batch-converts HDV or AVCHD (M2T, MTS or M2TS) files into QuickTime movies that can be used in any QuickTime-based application.