Digital Nirvana Debuts MediaServicesIQ AI Workflows Portal

(Image credit: Digital Nirvana)

FREMONT, Calif.—Digital Nirvana has rolled out MediaServicesIQ, a suite of cloud-based microservices that use advanced AI and machine learning capabilities to help streamline media production, post-production and distribution workflows.

MediaServicesIQ is designed as a one-stop portal for accessing Digital Nirvana’s AI-powered tech solutions, which include speech-to-text, content classification, closed caption generation and conformance, and a video intelligent engine that can detect ads, logos, objects and faces.

“We’ve created a set of core AI capabilities and made them available in a layer that can be easily accessed by newsrooms, live sports and entertainment productions, post house and other media operations to expedite critical processes, reduce mundane tasks and free creative personnel to do their jobs,” said Russell Wise, senior vice president at Digital Nirvana.

Integrating MediaServicesIQ with Digital Nirvana’s MonitorIQ 7.0 compliance logging system allows for powerful insights and video intelligence applications, including:

  • The ability to record, store and retrieve content for compliance, quality of service and insights into broadcast content;
  • Automatic transcription of content from live broadcasts and commercials; 
  • Automatic extraction of logos, objects, faces and shots;
  • The ability to identify ad breaks in logged content;
  • The ability to identify restricted words or topics in recorded/logged content, as well as the classification of incoming ad material for restricted content;
  • Generation of automated reports for loudness compliance, QoE, SCTE inserts and ad detection and identification;
  • Automatic content classification; and
  • The ability to access the quality and conformance of captions

MediaServicesIQ can also integrate with MetadatorIQ to provide automated metadata creation in pre-production, production and live content workflows. In addition, MediaServicesIQ provides access to the Trance 3.0 toolset for automatic closed caption/subtitle generation and closed-caption quality conformance.

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