Digital Nirvana Announce MetadatorIQ

(Image credit: Digital Nirvana)

FREMONT, Calif.—Digital Nirvana is introducing MetadatorIQ, the latest generation of its platform for automating metadata creation in preproduction, production and live content workflows.

MetadatorIQ is designed as a hybrid on-premises/SaaS application that applies advanced machine learning and AI-based content analysis to accelerate metadata creation and shorten content delivery cycles. Digital Nirvana says MetadatorIQ is optimized for Avid MediaCentral | Production Management assets.

The platform automates the end-to-end process of creating transcriptions and video-based metadata for Avid-based media assets. It automatically transfers assets from Avid MediaCentral and then applies video intelligence tools to generate descriptive metadata. MetadatorIQ also ingests assets and their time-coded metadata back into Avid, as well as with markers that make assets instantly searchable. 

MedatorIQ can run on a dedicated server or a virtual machine. The original asset is extracted from the Avid watch folder and a low-res proxy or audio-only version is created for transferring to the cloud. Metadata is then returned to the on-premise application and ingested back into Avid MediaCentral with locators.

Digital Nirvana plans to launch MedatorIQ in the second quarter of 2020.

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