Digital Anarchy Updates ReSizer 2.0 for Final Cut Pro

San Francisco-based Digital Anarchy, a leading provider of special effects software for Adobe and Apple products, has launched its ReSizer 2.0 for Final Cut Pro. The ReSizer is.

Designed as a plug-in for scaling footage or up-converting SD to HD, the ReSizer 2.0 includes three scaling algorithms, which give users flexibility in finding the right method for specific footage and control over how much the algorithms sharpen or smooth the footage. The company said the ReSizer makes it easy to scale SD to HD, Web video or podcasts to SD, or any resolution up to 800 percent. It also has a built-in Deinterlacer that uses time estimation to analyze multiple frames and produce a detailed progressive frame from interlaced footage.

"Resizer, combined with After Effects Professional, has enabled independent filmmakers in the U.K. to develop a cost effective workflow for getting projects onto film and into festivals," said Kevan O'Brien of Adobe U.K.

ReSizer works in After Effects 5.0 and higher, Final Cut Pro 4.0 and higher, and Premiere Pro 2.0. The plug-in runs on all variants of Macintosh OS X and Windows 98ME-XP Pro.