DiBcom introduces DIB7770 3-in-1 chip

DiBcom recently introduced its new 3-in-1 chip, the DIB7770, along with its associated USB 2.0 development platform, the STK7770P. With the USB host, the chip can be used for mobile TV applications associated with portable media players, navigation devices and PCs.

The DIB7770 enables the design of USB 2.0 solutions for TV reception in UHF or VHF (dual-band tuner) and in either a single or diversity mode (dual antennas). It comprises an embedded RF tuner combined with a demodulator linked to a USB 2.0 bridge on a single integrated circuit, as well as SAW filters and other discrete components. Power consumption is less than 500mW, adequate for digital terrestrial reception (DTT/DVB-T) on PCs, “ultra-mobile” PCs or portable media players.

For more information, visit www.dibcom.com.