Denver 8 TV chooses Telecast CopperHead systems

Denver 8 TV, the cable channel of the City of Denver, is using CopperHead fiber-optic camera transceivers from Telecast Fiber Systems to enable remote production of live and taped meetings held within city government offices.

The camera-mounted CopperHead systems enable the production crew to use the city’s fiber-optic infrastructure to transport all audio, video, sync and communications signals between three cameras and the production control room located at a remote location.

Denver 8 TV is currently using Digital CopperHead systems with SDI cameras in analog mode so that signals are compatible with the analog control room infrastructure. Once that facility is upgraded to digital, operators can switch over to SDI mode. The fiber system is also capable of handling HD-SDI should Denver 8 TV upgrade its cameras as well.

Prior to implementing the CopperHead systems, the Denver 8 TV crew had to run multicore camera cables through the government office building and out to its production truck. The setup time for such shoots was prohibitive, and the cabling both unattractive and a hazard. Furthermore, this multicore-based system did not allow for live coverage.

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