Danley introduces Jericho Horn at InfoComm

Spurred by the success of and accolades for its GH-60 Genesis Horn, which delivers on the promised benefits of the line array without the line array's significant shortcomings, Danley Sound Labs has introduced the Jericho Horn. The new model, design for much higher output and fuller range, is built upon the same three technologies (synergy horn, paraline and shaded amplitude lens) that marked a new beginning for the industry in the Genesis Horn. It uses six 18in low-frequency drivers, six 6in midfrequency drivers and two 4in two-way, high-frequency drivers, making it a true four-way design. Users will have the option of adding 20,000W of self-power and/or user-adjustable DSP.

The unique performance of the Genesis Horn, and now the much larger Jericho Horn, is the brainchild of Tom Danley, who has a unique take on loudspeaker design informed by decades of acoustic research and development outside of the sound reinforcement industry (building acoustic levitators and other exotic-sounding devices). Thinking outside the box, Danley developed the synergy horn technology employed in the company's flagship SH-50 full-range loudspeaker, along with the paraline and shaded amplitude lens technology that makes the new horns conform to three critical requirements: high output, appropriate SPL by angle and impressive fidelity.

Shaded amplitude lens technology enables as much as 20dB of gain out of a single cabinet to be evenly distributed over a very large listening plane. Synergy horn technology ensures that the frequency response of a Genesis or Jericho Horn is smooth in all dimensions, and the phase response is markedly better, producing exceptional imaging when deployed as stereo pairs. Perhaps the most significant difference is the full-range response of the Jericho Horn as a single cabinet.

Danley asserts that the line-array concept suffers from two major shortcomings: destructive self-interference and a frequency response that varies based on the listener's distance to the array. The combination of the three Danley technologies in the Jericho Horn ensures even coverage out to multiple hundreds of feet, a feat that would require multiple line array cabinets to approximate.