Dan Dugan Sound Design now shipping Yamaha Dugan-MY16 Card

Dan Dugan Sound Design has announced the immediate availability of the Dugan-MY16 card for current model Yamaha digital mixers and processors. The card provides up to 16 channels of automatic mic mixing, using the acclaimed Dan Dugan Speech System process, a real-time voice-activated process for control of multiple live microphones. The Dugan-MY16 card will be on display along with other Dan Dugan Sound Design products in booth 641 at the upcoming AES convention in New York.

Dan Dugan Sound Design automatic mic mixing products are designed to eliminate cueing errors, reduce feedback and ambient noise pickup, allow for smooth transitions between talkers, and provide consistent system gain no matter how many mics are open. The system offers hands-free control of up to 64 live microphones, and can be remotely controlled. The new Dugan-MY16 card for Yamaha digital mixers incorporates the exclusive Dugan Speech System, and provides up to 16 channels of automatic mic mixing per card at 48kHz, with the option to run at 96kHz with eight channels.

The Dugan-MY 16 is compatible with Yamaha 01V96, DM1000, 02R96, DM2000, M7CL, LS9, DSP5D, PM5D, and DME24/64N digital mixing consoles. The Dugan unit is patched into input channels using the consoles’ set-up screens, and channels can be partitioned into as many as three independent automixers. Included with the Dugan card is Java software for Windows or Mac that provides a full virtual remote control panel over a local network.

Multiple Dugan-MY16 cards can be linked for use in larger system situations; i.e. two cards provide 32 channels of processing. The new Dugan-MY16 card can also link with all other DSP-based automixer products from Dan Dugan Sound Design, including Models D-2, D-3, E, and E-1.

"My customers in the staging business are heavy users of Yamaha mixers,” Dan Dugan said. “They have been asking me for an MY-card version of my automatic mixing controller for years. I'm very pleased to fill their need."

Yamaha Commercial Audio Systems is the sole distributor for the card, which is now available to customers within North America. Yamaha marketing manager Marc Lopez adds, “Dan Dugan Sound Design products are highly respected, and the new Dugan-MY16 card was designed in response to an overwhelming request by our customers to incorporate Dugan technology into our products. The new card will certainly complement our digital mixer product line.”v