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Croatian RTL Televizija turns to Omneon for news, playout solutions

Broadcasting Center Europe (BCE), an RTL Group company, has installed two Omneon Spectrum media server systems within a new playout facility for RTL Televizija, a Croatian television channel that launched on-air operations in 2004.

The new channel is using one Omneon server system for news and production and has dedicated the second to playout.

The all-digital RTL Televizija facility, located in Zagreb, represents the most advanced broadcast technology in Croatia. To enable efficient playout for that channel’s local, Croatian, and international news and entertainment programs, BCE integrated RTL’s proprietary Au2Play automation software with the NCPower newsroom system and the Omneon server.

The automation system enables playout from the Omneon Spectrum system, with playlists exported via NCPower’s broadcast schedule. As a result, the technical director has access to two channels in a fast, stable, and versatile system that allows the launch of a variety of prerecorded and last minute news items.

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