Cox Media Group Deploying ATSC 3.0-Ready Triveni StreamScope

PRINCETON, N.J.—Cox Media Group is preparing itself to make the transition to the Next Gen TV standard, as Triveni Digital has announced that it supplied the broadcaster with its StreamScope XM MT analyzer that supports both the ATSC 1.0 and ATSC 3.0 standards. StreamScope is an analyzer for dual-standards broadcasting and channel sharing and will help with the transition to ATSC 3.0 for 12 Cox Media Group stations.

The StreamScope XM MT platform acts as a full receiver and allows the stations to perform detailed analysis of ATSC 3.0 streams and data structures. The system can analyze every demarcation point from DASH, ROUTE/MMT and STLTP. It also has added support for advanced RF analysis in both ATSC 1.0 and ATSC 3.0.

['Plugfest' Refines ATSC 3.0 Standard]

“Triveni Digital’s solution makes it practical for us to support early deployment of ATSC 3.0 by providing us with a unified service analysis solution that ensures quick detection, isolation and resolution of issues that may arise in either ATSC 1.0 and ATSC 3.0 infrastructures,” said Dave Siegler, vice president of technical operations at Cox Media Group in the press release.

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