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Countryman unveils low-profile directional microphone

For sportscasters looking for an almost invisible headset microphone that rejects ambient noise, the new Countryman E6 Flex Directional Ear-set microphone might be an ideal candidate.

This multiuse miniature ear-set microphone offers virtually invisible operation. The cardioid version effectively minimizes background sound from surrounding ambient noise. Flexible microphone positioning is maintained and the included windscreen minimizes the wind noise often associated with cardioid microphones. The mic's sensitivity response is optimized to accurately capture general speech without noise and distortion.

The microphone uses a flexible boom that maintains its shape for custom, single-user size adjustments. The lightweight, unobtrusive design is available in various colors that virtually render the entire microphone invisible against the skin.

The microphone comes with protective caps that allow it to be used for both hypercardioid or cardioid patterns.